Dancing with the Stars 2024: Candidate Ages Revealed

Dancing with the Stars is back on TF1 for its 2024 season, featuring a diverse lineup of contestants known across various professional landscapes.

After a hiatus, the popular show made its comeback on February 16, 2024, with a new batch of celebrities ready to hit the dance floor. This season includes a mix of hosts, singers, actors, and more, showcasing a wide range of ages and talents. Unfortunately, James Denton, known as Mike Delfino from Desperate Housewives, missed the first show due to an injury. The other celebrities will tackle dances like salsa and quickstep in the upcoming episodes.

Here’s a comprehensive list of this season’s contestants and their ages:

Cristina Cordula: Former model and fashion guru, known for her show Les Reines du shopping, is 59 years old. She will celebrate her 60th birthday in October 2024.
Coeur de Pirate (Béatrice Martin): The singer shares her age, 34, with Adeline Toniutti, a singing coach known from Star Academy.
Inès Reg: Comedian and actress, recently separated from her husband Kevin Debonne, is 31 years old.
Keiona: The drag queen, also 31, brings diversity to the cast.
Black M: The rapper is hitting a milestone, turning 40 in December 2024; currently, he is 39.
Diane Leyre: The former Miss France, who has recently sustained a severe injury, is 26 years old.
Roman Doduik: The comedian is the youngest contestant at 25 years old.
Caroline Margeridon: Former buyer on Affaire Conclue, is 57.
Nico Capone: Known for speaking out against body shaming, is 33.
Natasha St-Pier: The celebrated singer is 43 years old.
James Denton: The international star of the cast, recently celebrated his 61st birthday.

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Notably, Roman Doduik is the youngest competitor at 25, while James Denton is the oldest at 61. The average age of this year’s contestants is around 39 years.

The show’s host, Camille Combal, is 42 years old. The jury includes Jean-Marc Généreux at 61, Fauve Hautot at 37, Mel Charlot also 37, and Chris Marques, who celebrated his 45th birthday in June last year.

Dancing with the Stars 2024 promises a blend of surprises, talent, and entertainment as it airs every Friday at 21:10, continuing its legacy on TF1. The season aims to follow the success of the previous seasons, providing viewers with engaging performances and behind-the-scenes insights into the show’s production, led by BBC Studios France and TF1 Production.

The last season saw Billy Crawford emerge as the winner, and now the new contestants aim to claim the title for themselves. The show’s format remains a blend of competition and celebration, with this year’s cast set to deliver another season of memorable performances.

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