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The Carnival Extravaganza Hits San Francisco: Dance the Night Away with TRULALA

San Francisco is gearing up for its grand Carnival Extravaganza, featuring a parade of artistic groups including Jarana, Vení El Murgón, and the murgas from Brinkmann, Porteña, and Caprichitos de Barrio from San Cayetano, along with others from Zenón Pereyra and Acapulco neighborhood of Josefina. Additionally, the event will showcase the Tava Pora comparsa from Colonia Marina, and the Cosanba comparsa from Colonia San Bartolomé, among others, all leading up to a rhythmic performance directed by Panchuli Brunotto.

This event is organized by the Club Antártida Argentina and supported by the Municipality of San Francisco. It will take place on Saturday, March 2, starting at 8:00 PM on Av. Trigueros, between Cervantes and República de Siria streets, marking the third edition of the San Francisco Carnival Extravaganza.

“We are incredibly proud to announce the return of this event. We stand with the Club Antártida Argentina in organizing this celebration and aim to offer our support whenever needed. The ‘City of Events’ policy has been a key focus since Mayor Damián Bernarte took office. He has been clear about his goal to establish San Francisco as a prime location for events, and we are committed to this path, supporting institutions, clubs, and associations in all such endeavors. Count on our continuous backing,” said Raúl Angonoa, the Government Secretary. He also mentioned the municipal initiative to host a science and technology booth, addressing crucial topics like diversity, women’s issues, health, and waste management to raise public awareness.

Eduardo Pedrone, President of Club Antártida Argentina, expressed his gratitude for the collaborative effort between public and private sectors that made this event possible. He extended an open invitation to everyone for a night of joy and entertainment at Av. Trigueros.

Fernando Belzagui, representing “Culture on the Move,” emphasized the cultural industry’s role in stimulating the economy, commerce, production, and the right to enjoy, meet, and share experiences. He highlighted the importance of the Carnival Extravaganza, which will be open to the public free of charge, offering a communal and cultural spectacle suitable for all ages, featuring music, dance, and excellent food venues.

Event Schedule:
• 8:00 PM – Event starts.
• 8:30 PM – Official opening with a dance performance by La Retro Band.
• 9:30 PM – Carnival Artistic Groups Parade featuring various local groups and comparsas.
• 1:00 AM – Dance closure “Under the Stars” with a full orchestration by TRULALA.
• 3:00 AM – Event concludes.

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