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Mendoza’s Tango Scene to Host a Grand Festival

With bands filled with talent and power, the “Festitango” is on the horizon. Find all the details in this note.

This Saturday, February 24, at 7:30 PM, current exponents of the tango scene in Mendoza will gather at the Creative Warehouse to offer an evening filled with live shows, a DJ, a dance class, and a market. The lineup includes Entramadas, La Mundial Orkestra, La Cuarta de Fierro, DJ Reptillianx, and the dance duo Florencia Fernández and Carlos Chacón, showcasing the artistic diversity that will launch the first edition of “Festitango.” The open-air warehouse of UNCUYO provides an unmatched setting for all tango lovers, milongueros, tourists, and the general public who wish to enjoy a special evening with a constantly growing local tango scene.

“Festitango,” which joins the provincial Vendimia agenda, aims to synthesize the production and interpretation of this genre as a search for local identity and expression of popular music. Furthermore, this first edition seeks to establish the foundation for an annual tango festival with a distinctly Mendoza character. It promises to be an exceptional gathering that will also feature a market, a drink bar, and a food court with various dining options to enjoy throughout the event. General admission to the festival is priced at $4,500 for the first limited presale. Tickets can be purchased online at or in person at the Nave UNCUYO box office from Tuesday to Sunday, 6 to 10 PM.

Line Up:

– 7:30 PM / Opening DJ Reptillianx
– 8 PM / Entramadas.
– 8:30 PM / DJ Reptillianx
– 8:45 PM / Dance class
– 9:15 PM / La Mundial Orkestra
– 9:45 PM / DJ Reptillianx
– 10 PM / La Cuarta de Fierro

About the Artistic Proposals:

ENTRAMADAS is a string quartet composed of two violins, a viola, and a cello. Their traditional timbral style maintains an elegance that supports without overshadowing the main attraction. Suitable for cocktails, dinners, ceremonies, and general events, they have a broad repertoire that spans various musical styles and are also available for custom music arrangements. As a young, recent group, they perform works of classic and contemporary tango with exquisite original musical arrangements. Entramadas is formed by Rosario González Sáenz, Lucila Olguín, Luisa Noelia Pavez, and María Jazmín Montivero.

LA MUNDIAL ORKESTRA is described as a danceable milonguera orchestra. With its staging, La Mundial invites everyone to join in and travel to the rhythm of the 2×4. Those who are skilled on the dance floor will always find space to unfold and enhance the scene with that characteristic embrace; and those who are not will still be entertained by the playful musical arrangements and dazzled by the stunning performers on stage. The repertoire of La Mundial is extensive and diverse, rescuing a wide array of classic tangos (some of which have not been reinterpreted for a while) but also featuring new and innovative pieces composed by the director, pianist, and arranger, Josué Geredús. The members of La Mundial are: Josué Geredús on Piano, Direction, and Arrangements, Gonzalo Lesta on 1st Violin and String Direction, Catalina López on 2nd Violin, Mara Pena on Viola, Juan Geredús on Cello, Diego Araneda Pinto on Double Bass, Federico Balza on Bandoneon, Leandro Lacerna on Vocals, and Salomé Badui on Vocals.

LA CUARTA DE FIERRO emerged at the beginning of 2018, driven to fill the spaces of milongas that started to proliferate in Greater Mendoza during that year. Its name references the traditional neighborhood of the City of Mendoza (Cuarta Sección Este), historically linked to tango and its traditions. La Cuarta aims to build a repertoire with broad nuances, ranging from classic 20th-century tango to 21st-century tango works, including original compositions. The members of La Cuarta are: Sebastián Kusselman on guitar and arrangements, Hugo Larrañaga on double bass, Jero Flores on vocals, Agustina Guillén on bandoneon, and Gonzalo Lesta and Rosario González Saenz on violins.

The Dancers:
Florencia Fernández and Carlos Chacón, artistically known as “Flor & Charli,” are tango dance performers and instructors. They manage the ZONA TANGO MENDOZA space, where for over ten years, they have taught classes, organized seminars, workshops, tango events, and concerts with mainly local musicians. Every Friday, they host the MILONGA ZT, participating in meetings and festivals in Mendoza and other cities.


Date: Saturday, February 24.
Location: Creative Warehouse (open warehouse located at the Nave UNCUYO premises. Central Park, City of Mendoza).
Time: Starting at 7:30 PM.
General admission – first presale: $4,500. Available at or in person at the Nave UNCUYO box office from Tuesday to Sunday, 6 to 10 PM.

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