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Irish Dance and Trumpet-Organ Recital Coming to Péronne in March

Exciting Cultural Events in March

This March, the city of Péronne is set to host two spectacular cultural events, showcasing the vibrancy of Irish dance and the classic harmony of trumpet and organ music.

Irish Dance Extravaganza

On Saturday, March 9th, at 8:00 PM, the Espace Mac Orlan in Péronne will come alive with the spirit of Ireland as IRISH LEGENDS presents an unforgettable evening of Irish dancing, music, and song. Audiences can expect a vibrant and heartwarming spectacle filled with the rich colors and sounds of Ireland. The performance will feature frenetic rhythms of Irish tap dance, known as “TAP DANCE,” with dancers and musicians hailing from the finest academies in Dublin and Galway. They promise to deliver a dazzling journey through Celtic legend and folklore, bringing the magic and mystique of Ireland to the heart of Péronne.

Trumpet and Organ Recital

The cultural festivities continue on Friday, March 22nd, at 8:00 PM at the Saint Jean-Baptiste Church, where music lovers can indulge in a sublime recital of trumpet and organ music. This event pays homage to the legendary duo Maurice André and Marie-Claire Alain, who popularized the instrumental pairing of the trumpet and organ in the 1970s. Today, the tradition is upheld by the passionate and skilled musicians Sylvain Ketels and Patrick Salmon. They will present an eclectic and lively repertoire, promising an evening of enchanting music that continues the legacy of this unique instrumental combination.

Ticket Information

Tickets for both events can be purchased online at the city’s official website,, under the “My Leisure” and “Cultural Season” sections. Tickets will also be available at the venue on the day of the show, subject to availability.

The Essence of Irish Step Dance

Irish step dance, a group of traditional solo dance forms originating in Ireland, has gained international fame, especially since the 1994 debut of the “Riverdance” show. Characterized by a rigid upper body and rapid leg movements with hands typically held down by the sides, these dances are performed to traditional Irish tunes such as jigs, reels, and hornpipes. Although Irish dance shows like “Riverdance” have adapted traditional steps for theatrical purposes, they retain the essence of traditional Irish step dancing and ceili dances. These performances have not only popularized Irish culture worldwide but also inspired countless people to learn and participate in Irish dance, leading to a global community of enthusiasts and competitive dancers.

In addition to public performances, Irish dance maintains its competitive spirit through strictly regulated contests held in Ireland, the UK, the USA, and elsewhere. These competitions demand high physical fitness and dedication from dancers, reflecting the enduring cultural significance and physical rigor of Irish step dancing.

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