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Color and Tradition at the Atzán Arts Festival 2024 with the Amalia Hernández Folkloric Ballet

The Amalia Hernández Folkloric Ballet of Mexico brought a vibrant mix of color and tradition to the main stage of the Atzán 2024 International Arts Festival in Atizapán de Zaragoza. The event kicked off at 8:00 PM, transforming the night with a spectacular display of traditional costumes and live music, blending modernity with history to the delight of the 8,000 spectators who gathered to witness one of the most iconic representations of Mexican culture on a global scale.

A Spectacular Opening

The performance began with “Sensemayá,” followed by “Matachines,” a dance rooted in the traditions of the pre-Hispanic peoples, typically performed in the central northern region of Mexico during religious celebrations. The energy continued to build with “Guerrero,” a dance native to the state of the same name, synonymous with rhythm and joy, followed by “Revolución,” a tribute to the female soldiers of the Mexican Revolution, complete with period costumes.

A Rich History and Global Recognition

Founded in 1952 by dancer and choreographer Amalia Hernández, the Ballet Folklórico de México has become the most emblematic folk dance ensemble in Mexico and internationally. Currently led by General Director Salvador López and Artistic Director Viviana Basanta Hernández, Amalia’s daughter, the ballet is celebrated for its extensive research and vibrant portrayals of Mexico’s indigenous cultures, dances, and songs.

A Journey Through Mexican Culture

The performance transported the audience to Veracruz with “Fiesta en Tlacotalpan,” showcasing the traditional white attire of the region, followed by a lively interaction with mojigangas, large puppet figures that danced among the crowd. The show took a playful turn with “La vida es un juego,” inspired by Mexican games and toys, featuring a backdrop reminiscent of a bustling fair.

The evening continued with an array of popular songs and dances, culminating in “La Danza del Venado” and a “Fiesta en Jalisco,” complete with mariachi music and intricate footwork, showcasing the evolution and rich history of Mexican dance.

Honors and Celebrations

Pedro Rodríguez Villegas, the Mayor of Atizapán de Zaragoza, expressed his gratitude to the ballet for gracing the festival, now in its 65th year of history, and presented the ensemble with a recognition and a statue of Atzán, the goddess of the arts. The evening concluded with a resounding “Viva México,” as the audience joined in a standing ovation, celebrating the enduring spirit and cultural heritage of Mexico.

A Cultural Feast in Atizapán

In addition to the ballet, the festival featured a variety of cultural offerings, including performances of “Merlina in Nevermore,” “Alice in Wonderland,” “Grease,” “Dreams of Broadway,” and “A Date with Elvis,” along with a presentation by the Ensamble Capriccioso of the National Conservatory, highlighting the diverse artistic landscape of Atizapán.

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