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Dorothée Gilbert: A Star in Japan

Until February 18, the Paris Opera Ballet graced Japan with its presence, marking the company’s first-ever performance of “Manon” by Kenneth MacMillan, featuring star dancer Dorothée Gilbert in the lead role. This visit reflects the profound admiration Japanese audiences hold for the Paris Opera Ballet, showcased through two major performances: “Swan Lake” and “Manon.”

About Dorothée Gilbert

Born on September 25, 1983, in Toulouse, France, Dorothée Gilbert has risen to prominence within the ballet community, often regarded as the Paris Opera’s Prima Ballerina. Her journey into the world of ballet began at the Toulouse Regional Conservatory at the tender age of seven. Despite an initial setback in 1994, failing to gain entrance to the Paris Opera Ballet School, she was admitted the following year into its fourth division.

Despite facing challenges in her schooling, Gilbert’s tenacity paid off as she secured significant roles during her training, eventually leading her to perform the title role in “The Firebird” in her second year.

Career Milestones

Gilbert’s professional trajectory saw a sharp ascent when, at 17, she joined the Paris Opera Ballet’s corps de ballet, topping the entrance competition. Her rise through the ranks was swift: she was promoted to “coryphée” in 2002, where she first tackled solo roles such as the Bridesmaid in “Don Quixote.” By 2004, she had become a “sujet” and was elevated to “première danseuse” in 2005, after impressing with performances in Rudolf Nureyev’s “Romeo and Juliet” and Roland Petit’s “Carmen.”

Reflections on the Japan Tour

The Paris Opera Ballet’s tour in Japan, featuring Gilbert in a principal role, underscores the global appeal and recognition of French ballet artistry. Japanese fans, known for their deep respect and enthusiasm for ballet, have warmly welcomed the troupe, solidifying cultural and artistic bonds between France and Japan.

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