iQIYI’s Youth With You Kicks Off Season 2 With BLACKPINK’s LISA As Dance Mentor

YWY Extra Cut: Dance Mentor LISA’s warm encouragements

(Beijing) – After a long time of expectation, the second season of Youth With You finally premiered on March 12, 2020. As a new attempt of idol-selection show, Youth With You pioneered the practice which complete a high standard post-production to meet local culture for multiple countries.

The program will be presented on iQIYI APP with subtitles in 8 languages, including Chinese, English, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Malay, Spanish and Korean. It will be a ‘two episodes per week’ update innovatively, releasing globally every Thursday and Saturday at 8pm Beijing Time.

The superstar cast of Youth Producers’ Representative KUN, Dance Mentor LISA, Vocal Mentor Ella, and Rap Mentor JONY J is catching lots of attention. Besides, Youth With You launched ‘stage for mentors’ as an opening show which can prove mentors’ capabilities on stage before they become role models for the trainees.

Clip: Stage Show of Dance Mentor LISA 舞蹈导师
LISA 舞台大秀抢先看 |Youth With You 青春有你2| iQIYI

LISA’s dance of In The Name Of Love & Attention got the whole crowd screaming for more. Many of the trainees look up to LISA as their idol. And some of the girls were moved to tears, saying that ‘even her hair was dancing’! Next, KUN perform one original singing-dancing YOUNG, firing the stage. Ella and JONY J displayed their vocal and rap skill in How Old Are You and MY MAN respectively.

In addition, the biggest change for the trainees in Youth With You is not the welcome party, but the one-on-one battle in the initial evaluation performance. Groups who picked the same song must battle it out, giving every mentor a chance to observe and compare their performance better. The four mentors kept the strict standard and watched each group’s performance carefully. What’s surprising is that there were no Class A trainees in first episode.

YWY Initial Evaluation Performance:SnowKong XiaotangZhao《My New Swag》

Although it was the first experience for LISA to join a variety show in China, she adapted to the rhythm of Youth With You and became friends with other mentors quickly. And according to internal sources, the lovely LISA had many emotional moments during the trainees’ performances, shedding tears of excitement and blushing from shyness.

Press Release Via: iQIYI

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