Wise Fool New Mexico Announces Auditions For CircAspire: The Circus of Lost Dreams

[Santa Fe, NM] – Wise Fool New Mexico announces the premiere of CircAspire: The Circus of Lost Dreams, a topsy-turvy dreamland where clowns, aerialists and acrobats will showcase the skills of Wise Fool’s up and coming youth and pre-professional performers. The event takes place at the James A Little Theater in Santa Fe on May 1 and 2, 2015 in three separate viewings. Additionally, Wise Fool announces that BUST, the popular annual circus workshop focused on empowering women of all ages and abilities culminating in a performance open to the public is now open for registration.

Auditions to be held on Saturday, February 21 for CircAspire: The Circus of Lost Dreams; the show is the first of Wise Fool’s new, annual, CircAspire program which seeks to provide youth and adult performers the opportunity to be a part of a pre-professional show. The show will include clowns, acrobats, stilt-walkers, jugglers, and aerialists as well as other performance skills such as music and spoken word. The show will be directed by Apollo Garcia and produced by Ilana Blankman, Youth Programs Director of Wise Fool.

BUST Circus Intensive Workshop, an annual program since 2002, aims to provide a safe space for women of all shapes, sizes, ages (16-90+), gender presentations, backgrounds, and ability levels to come together and explore their physical and inner strength while building trust and community. BUST features classes in stiltwalking, trapeze, aerial fabric, acrobatics, conditioning, clown, and juggling with classes on two nights of the weeks and again on Saturdays, allowing people with 9-5 schedules to participate. No previous circus experience of any kind is required and many women travel from outside of New Mexico to attend the workshop and performance. The workshop usually sells out early. Registration is through May 15 but early bird deals are available until April 1.

See a video about BUST.

“Both CircAspire and BUST are exemplary of Wise Fool’s desire to provide an opportunity for people of all ages, education, performance experience—any walk of life, really—to go beyond themselves in a way never experienced before,” said Amy Christian, Executive Director of Wise Fool. “Circus is more than just performance. There is something we see in all our students as they get to know themselves, others and this art form that reverberates back into the community. This energy is palpable in every Wise Fool performance.”
“BUST’s core values seem to me to be: community arts, creative collaboration, embodied self-determination, and social justice,” said Indi McCasey, Wise Fool student. “Wise Fool believes that the circus, with its emphasis on strength, grace, humor, and defying expectations, is inside of everyone. If you are open to new experiences, to physical challenges, and to taking creative risks, then BUST is a supportive community experience that will push the boundaries of what you thought you were capable of doing.”

For more information: Wise Fool New Mexico

Wise Fool New Mexico (WFNM) is an award winning physical theater company that produces highly visual performances and public spectacles. Since 1998 it has been WFNM’s mission to ignite imagination, build community, and promote social justice through performances and hands-on experiences in the arts of circus, puppetry, and theatre. WFNM reaches audiences over 10,000 annually, through tours of repertory and outdoor spectacle productions across North America, and performances and educational programs in our local communities of Northern New Mexico. From Bumbershoot to the Bioneers Conference, International Dance and Visual Arts festivals to public libraries and prisons, WFNM has successfully engaged audiences of all ages in physical, thought provoking, and visually stunning theater for 15 years.

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