Unito Announces “Tricking Based Spectacle” To Debut In Finland

“Parsifal Teaser”

Parsifal is described as the “world’s first tricking based spectacle premiering at Tampere-talo, Finland.”

Tricking is a still developing movement art combining martial arts, acrobatics and dance in various ways. Finland’s Unito is a leading group of trickers.

They’ve been creating shows and performing since 2004 and seem to be really pushing the envelope on what tricking can be including their spinoff act combining tricking and fire called Uniflow.

Their new show Parsifal, which they say they’ve been working on for two years, won’t debut till April 2015 in Finland.

Clyde F. Smith

DanceLand founder Clyde F. Smith has a PhD in Cultural Studies from OSU and performs improvisational dance in Working Sessions.