“Twinkle Bear Goes to Ballet” Helps Little Ones With Their Dance Lessons

[Livermore, CA] – Twinkle Star Dance is happy to announce the release of the first book in the Adventures of Twinkle Bear series, titled, ‘Twinkle Bear Goes to Ballet.’ Author, Juliet Rose Pinto, a dancer and dance instructor herself, partnered with Tiffany Henderson and Twinkle Star Dance to design this follow-along book which will help keep young dancers engaged while in class. Twinkle Bear Goes to Ballet can be purchased now at CostumeManager.com.

Two versions of Twinkle Bear Goes to Ballet are available. The “Instructor” version is a very large, glossy, paperback, 11″ x 17″ book designed for use in dance class (18 illustrated pages). Instructors with Twinkle Star Dance™ curriculum subscriptions will also receive an audio version of the book for use in class with their dancers and choreography. The “Dancer” version of this book is a glossy, paperback, 8 1/2″ x 11″ inches and is designed for home use (18 illustrated pages).

Author and illustrator of Twinkle Bear Goes to Ballet, Juliet Rose Pinto, believes the book will benefit both teachers and students. According to Pinto, “The book is to be used both during class and then taken home so kids can review while they practice. Students will be able to take the book home with them and look at the pictures and practice the exercises outside of class. I also made the text into a poem, which I think a lot of kids will be able to memorize like a song.”

Twinkle Star Dance™ founder and president, Tiffany Henderson, said, “We are so excited to release our first book and look forward to many more in the Adventures of Twinkle Bear Series.” Henderson continued saying, “We will be using Twinkle Bear Goes to Ballet at all Tiffany’s Dance Academy studios and will pair the book with the very popular, Twinkle Bears. We use these soft stuffed bears in all of our studios because they help young dancers focus during class exercises and also help 2-3 year olds with separation anxiety as they bring their Twinkle Bear into class with them each day.”

For the Instructor version, each section of the book corresponds with music and dance exercises teachers can use in class. This allows teachers to work with dancers while the dancers are listening to the audio. Those dance instructors that have subscribed to Twinkle Star Dance™ curriculum receive an audio version of the book for use in class with their dancers. Beginning June 2014, Twinkle Star Dance subscribers receive the music and class content as monthly updates. To subscribe for Twinkle Star Dance curriculum, visit TwinkleStarDance.com.

Purchase your copy of Twinkle Bear Goes to Ballet today by visiting CostumeManager.com or calling 925-583-2830.

Tiffany Henderson was born in the San Francisco Bay Area in 1973 and has had a rich and exciting career as a professional Jazz Dancer. In 1992 she was awarded a one-year scholarship to the renowned Tremaine Dance Center in Hollywood. At the completion of her scholarship she performed as the Tremaine Scholarship Show Featured Dancer. She continued her professional studies at the prestigious School of Dance at the University of Arizona, where she graduated Magna Cum Laude with a B.F.A. in Dance in 1997. Tiffany’s career highlights include: performances with Quinn/Williams Jazz at the 1995 Jazz Dance World Congress in Nagoya, Japan; the 1996 Jazz World Congress at Washington’s Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts; the opening of the International Theatre School in Amsterdam, Holland in 1997 and at Symphony Hall in Phoenix, Arizona. She was also a member of Zohar Dance Company, has performed in many industrial shows, including the Microsoft Global Summit and American Greeting Cards, and was a soloist with La JAZDANZ of Louisiana, a company she was instrumental in bringing to the Amador Theatre in Pleasanton. Tiffany is now extremely excited to share her Twinkle Star Dance™ curriculum and choreography with studio owners worldwide.

About the Company: Twinkle Star Dance™ is comprised of three different modules for training recreational dancers ages 2-11. They are Curriculum, Choreography, and On-going Support/Training. Curriculum videos are streaming videos that show the actual class content; what goes into a 2-3 year old Twinkle Babies class, for example. Choreography videos show recital choreography appropriate for the age group and skill level. With Twinkle Star Dance™ a dance instructor who has never taught younger dancers will be able to confidently give an exciting and entertaining class that children love. These classes will become the backbone of any studio and ensure that the studio continues to grow their recreational program.


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