Toys That Dance And Toys That Inspire Dancing Abound At 117th Annual Toy Fair New York

Toy Fair NY – Where Trends Are Spotted & Trends Are Set

The 117th Annual Toy Fair New York is wrapping up and here is an assortment of new toys that feature or include dance-related elements. Though what often constitutes dance in these cases is fairly limited movement accompanied by music, what we’re seeing is the early stages of dances with robots. As Chris Dixon points out, the “next big thing will start out looking like a toy.” So here’s a glimpse of the future!

From Top Toy Trends of 2020 Revealed at Toy Fair New York

A new wave of activity toys for kids are helping them push their physical boundaries. From toddlers to tweens, kids are gaining independence, developing gross motor skills, engaging in friendly competition, and finding more excuses to get up and moving – whether playing inside or out!

Press Release Via: The Toy Association

Photo of young teen girl with a Hatchimal Pixie in Egg

Hatchimals Pixies

Introducing Hatchimals Pixies Crystal Flyers – beautiful Hatchimals Pixies that really fly! Discover your Hatchimals Pixie inside a gorgeous crystal egg. You can choose from two new, all grown up Pixies each with their own unique look and style.

Your Pixie is ready to air dance and you can use your Pixie power to guide her with the IR Sensor in her feet. Hatchimals Pixies Crystal Flyers includes a USB charger to allow for easy flight over and over again, and when not flying she can be displayed in her sparkly, clear crystal egg.

Fall 2020, Age: 5+; SRP $29.99

Press Release Via: Spin Master Corp.

Coding Critters: Let’s Play!

Learning Resources has been recognized by the Toy Association as the Toy of the Year Award winner in the Preschool category for the innovation of Coding Critters, a series of adorable interactive pets teaching children as young as four early STEM concepts through 100% screen-free storybook coding adventures.

Using simple buttons tailored for tiny hands, children learn to code by following the storybook adventures and building coding sequences to make the Coding Critters move, dance, and play. They may also design their own coding challenges, or they can feed, pet, and take care of their interactive pets in Play Mode as Coding Critters are designed with all of the surprises and personality of a real life pet.

Coding Critters come in four different playsets and are available for purchase on Amazon and for a suggested retail price of $39.99.

Press Release Via: Learning Resources

Young teen girl dances with Fifi The Flossing Sloth

Fifi The Flossing Sloth

Named as one of British Toy & Hobby Association’s Toy Fair’s Hero Toys for 2020, comes the stand-out Pets Alive Fifi ‘The Flossing Sloth.’

Destined to follow in the hoof-prints of the global phenomenon, Pets Alive Boppi, ‘The Booty Shakin’ Llama’, Fifi is like no ordinary sloth…full of energy and raring to go, her movements mimic one of the most iconic dances of the decade – The Floss! Still a massive dance trend, Fifi starts her moves off slowly, as a real sloth might, but speeds up until she’s flossing like a boss to three catchy dance tracks! Fifi has cute blinking eyes and an impressive butt wiggle. Great for the whole family, parents and children alike will have endless fun learning how to Floss with Fifi!

Designed for kids ages 3+, Fifi The Flossing Sloth will be on retail shelves in Fall 2020 for an SRP of $24.99.

Press Release Via: ZURU

Robosen T9 – Advanced Programmable Robot

T9 is made with the latest robotic technology available with 23 proprietary chips and 22 proprietary servo motors (one for each artificial joint) that make it one of the most agile and flexible robots ever created; allowing it to perform high-speed, upright bipedal walking, while also automatically converting from robot to vehicle form.

Robosen Robotics’ visionary craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology in artificial joint driving algorithms and digital electric drive technology, provide T9’s artificial intelligence (AI) – Easy to remember voice commands, complex animations completed with precision control, captivating dance performances and innovative stunts.

T9 is controlled by voice as well as via the T9 app (iOS and Android). With just a touch of a button, T9 can perform the latest customized dance animation, race around in vehicle mode, change back and forth from robot to vehicle form and more.

T9 retails for $499USD and is available on Amazon

Press Release Via: Robosen

A Dancy Beatz toy with the word Dance superimposed

Dancy Beatz by TOMY

A completely new experience in the toy category, Dancy Beatz learns, dances and plays music, and features a free companion app. With five different play modes and Bluetooth functionality, Dancy Beatz puts you in control of the playlist and the moves. Your music, your moves, your party!

In the style of a disco ball and designed to entertain, Dancy Beatz not only acts as a speaker to play your favorite music in Listen Mode, it also reacts to music, sounds and other surroundings in Play Mode. Dance Battle Mode allows you to learn pre-recorded routines to take on Dancy Beatz in a dance-off, and Program Mode lets you pose Dancy Beatz to create your own dance that can be saved and later danced back.

Finally, Control Mode uses a free Bluetooth compatible app, so you can connect Dancy Beatz to YouTube or your music library using a smart phone or tablet. With more than 900 dance moves to discover and master, Dancy Beatz brings countless hours of original entertainment.

Dancy Beatz is expected to launch in August 2020 and the app will be available for free in the App Store and Google Play.

Press Release Via: TOMY

Go! Go! Cory Carson DJ Train Trax & the Roll Train

Go! Go! Cory Carson DJ Train Trax & the Roll Train

Get ready to dance with Cory, Chrissy and DJ Train Trax & the Roll Train just like in the Netflix original series, Go! Go! Cory Carson! Keep on moving with Roll Train host DJ Train Trax and play mixmaster with mini characters Cory Carson and Chrissy Carson on this electronic playset.

Help Cory and Chrissy dance on stage or roll DJ Train Trax to light up his rainbow chimney while listening to sounds and phrases from the show. Place Cory and Chrissy on the stage to watch them light up, do “The Chrissy” and hear them interact with DJ Train Trax.

Available Spring 2020

Press Release Via: VTech

Blues Clues and You Really Smart Handy Dandy Notebook aka Tablet

Blue’s Clues & You! Really Smart Handy Dandy Notebook

Let’s use our Blue’s Clues & You! Really Smart Handy Dandy Notebook to answer the phone, just like Josh in Nickelodeon’s Blue’s Clues & You! and learn with eleven app icons that introduce shapes, colors, counting, health and hygiene, weather and music. Talk on the phone with Blue and Josh, check email with Mailbox or dance along to playful songs and tunes inspired by the series.

Ages 2+ years.

Press Release Via: LeapFrog Enterprises, Inc.

Graphic for World War Doh with two angry characters

World War Doh from Jam City

Set against the backdrop of the outlandish world of Planet Doh, World War Doh drops players in the middle of chaos as two maniacal brothers, hellbent on destroying each other, discover a biological substance that allows them to create armies from their warped imaginations. After crushing your opponents, flaunt your superior battle prowess by choosing from dozens of custom dances and skins.

World War Doh will be available on the App Store and Google Play. Worldwide release set for February 20, 2020.

Press Release Via: Jam City

Happy child with WowWee Pinkfong Baby Shark Dancing DJ

Pinkfong Baby Shark Dancing DJ!

Turn your playroom into a dance floor with the Pinkfong Baby Shark Dancing DJ! The Dancing DJ plays five fun Baby Shark songs and popular remixes, including the viral Baby Shark song, the global sensation with over 4 billion views! With dance detection technology, Baby Shark dances when you dance! Play together and boogie to the beat with two dance games to get kids moving: Baby Shark Dance Off and Freeze Dance.

Available Fall 2020: $39.99 / Ages 2+

Pet Starz

Get ready to rock with the all-new Pet Starz from WowWee! There are 4 characters to collect, each with a different rockstar personality, and awesome surprise stickers and accessories to match their style. Pet Starz love to dance and sing; say or sing anything to them and watch them repeat it back as they rock out! Build your Crawl Of Fame when you add more Pet Starz to your band! Any mini performer who loves to laugh, sing, and dance to the beat, has just found their new favorite co-star!

Available Fall 2020: $14.99/Ages 5+

Image of MIP robot with basketball hoop and balls

MiP Arcade

Introducing MiP Arcade: the evolution of WowWee’s award-winning robot that brings the game room to your home. MiP Arcade delivers endless fun and games with screenless play OR a suite of 20+ app-enabled games – you choose! With multi-player games, challenge friends and family to see who can beat the high score. Packed with personality, MiP is a robot buddy you can bond with.

Get to know your MiP and discover all the quirky responses, funny expressions and cool dance moves. Your new self-balancing sidekick is filled with top-tier tech upgrades to keep you playing non-stop, including 80+ eye emotions, motorized self-get-up, and GestureSense technology.

Available Fall 2020: MSRP $99.99/Ages 6+

Hands Full

Leveraging their high-tech roots, WowWee will debut Hands Full, an interactive family game that includes 3 games in 1 and challenges players to keep their hands full while they jump, high five, shake, dance, twist and more.

Available Summer-Fall 2020: $19.99-$29.99/Ages 8+ to 17+

Press Release Via: WowWee

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