TITAS/DANCE UNBOUND Awarded $154K For Dance Programming And Public Awareness

TITAS/DANCE UNBOUND 2019-2020 Season

(Dallas, TX) – TITAS/DANCE UNBOUND announces a new set of grants totaling $154,000 from Texas Commission on the Arts and The Dallas Foundation.

The Texas Commission on the Arts (TCA) awarded three grants to the nonprofit organization totaling $119,000. TITAS/DANCE UNBOUND is one of forty-three Texas organizations, and one of only six Dallas arts organizations, selected by TCA for the 2019-2020 new Cultural Districts Program.

In collaboration with the AT&T Performing Arts Center, TITAS/DANCE UNBOUND and the Center have also been granted $35,000 from The Dallas Foundation’s Jean Baptiste “Tad” Adoue, III Fund to support the presentation of this season’s artists from China and South Korea.

TITAS/DANCE UNBOUND 2019-2020 Season Sizzle Reel

“The arts are crucial to any society, and dance is a part of every culture. We are proud to be recognized among organizations in Texas whose work is enriching society through arts education and culture,” said Charles Santos, Executive Director for TITAS/DANCE UNBOUND.

“We view this support as a celebration of our long history in North Texas. For 38 years, we have been welcoming artists from around the world to Dallas and strengthening our community’s global awareness and cultural understanding through the language of dance. This truly is a catalyst towards raising the visibility of Dallas and to making our city more innovative and inclusive.”

The TCA grants will build on the cultural impact of TITAS/DANCE UNBOUND’s skillfully curated seasons of dance and collaborative programming that provide direct access to the arts in Dallas. A portion of the funds from TCA will support a series of specialized dance classes for individuals with Parkinson’s disease, in partnership with Dance for PD® and Misty Owens. Funds from TCA and the Dallas Foundation will also be used to raise public awareness and interest around dance as a connection to world experiences.

Over the past two years, TITAS/DANCE UNBOUND has received two prestigious Art Works grants from the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA). Of the 1,605 eligible applications reviewed by NEA in 2019, TITAS/DANCE UNBOUND was one of ten Dallas arts organizations selected. The national-level funding from NEA speaks to the organization’s work creating the highest artistic quality and provides support for new community impact and programming initiatives this season.

As the region’s foremost dance presenter, TITAS/DANCE UNBOUND has played a pivotal role in connecting audiences from all backgrounds to a broad range of dance styles, traditions, and cultures. Since 1982, the organization has presented more than 600 performances, including 180 Dallas debuts, by artists from over 40 countries.

The 2019/20 season opens Friday, September 20th, featuring Ronald K. Brown/EVIDENCE, whose work draws from dances of the African Diaspora. Visit titas.org to view the full season of performances.


TITAS/DANCE UNBOUND is Dallas’ preeminent dance presenter, offering audiences from all backgrounds access to the world’s leading performing artists. TITAS/DANCE UNBOUND is committed to artistic excellence and integrity that has garnered important international visibility for Dallas. The nonprofit organization was founded in 1982 as the Texas International Theatrical Arts Society (TITAS) by Tom Adams and Gene Leggett.

Learn more at titas.org or follow @TitasDance on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

About Texas Commission on the Arts

The mission of the Texas Commission on the Arts (TCA) is to advance our state economically and culturally by investing in a creative Texas. TCA supports a diverse and innovative arts community in Texas, throughout the nation and internationally by providing resources to enhance economic development, arts education, cultural tourism and artist sustainability initiatives.

For more information on TCA and its programs, please visit: arts.texas.gov

About The Dallas Foundation

Since the turn of the 21st century, The Dallas Foundation regularly has awarded more than $20 million in grants each year. Concern for the community, respect for donors, thoughtful giving and careful investing – these core values have guided The Dallas Foundation since 1929.



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