Teen Vogue’s Strictly Ballet, Ep. 1: What It Takes to Be a Star

“What It Takes to Be a Star”

The first episode of Teen Vogue’s web special Strictly Ballet.

This episode introduces four teen dancers, Jasmine, Mimi, Alec, and Victor, “who have made the major move to New York City to study at the world-renowned School of American Ballet.”

Episode Listing:
Teen Vogue’s Strictly Ballet: Trailer
Ep. 1: What It Takes to Be a Star
Ep. 2: Moving Away from Home
Ep. 3: Dance Is for Athletes
Ep. 4: Facing the Competition
Ep. 5: Turning an Injury into an Opportunity
Ep. 6: Preparing for Audition Season
Ep. 7: Dreaming of Getting into the Company
Season Finale: The Dancers Find Out What the Future Holds


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