TAO Dance Theatre To Perform “7” World Premiere At OzAsia Festival

“TAO Dance Theater 陶身体剧场2014年作品《7》”

[Adelaide, AUS] – Revel in the minimalist creativity and agile physicality of one of China’s most radical contemporary dance troupes.

Beijing’s famed minimalist modern dance troupe, TAO Dance Theatre, has taken China by storm and is now set to captivate Adelaide audiences this September with a double bill of ‘6’ and the world premiere of ‘7’.

Founder and Creative Director Tao Ye names his shows for the number of dancers in each piece, and follows no script or formula in the presentation of his unique movement techniques and this spine-tingling dance theatre.

This will be the troupe’s OzAsia Festival and Australian debut as part of their world tour for ‘6,’ and the launchpad for the much-anticipated world premiere of ‘7’.

Over the past six years, the troupe’s soaring success has seen them visit more than 20 countries on five continents and collaborate with leading Chinese artists across genres including theatre, experimental music, film, visual arts and installation.


Founded in 2008, TAO Dance Theatre has taken China’s dance world by storm. The company has performed in every modern dance festival throughout the country and has collaborated with leading Chinese artists.

Focusing their time and energy on perfecting their craft, the dancers of TAO Dance Theatre each possess the highest level of technical virtuosity.

In his experimentation with minimalism and his investigation of musical and physical interaction, Tao Ye uncovers layered patterns of gesture and spatial locomotion, defying the current choreography trends in China and exploring form as content.

TAO Dance Theatre has performed, choreographed and run workshops at festivals worldwide, including Europalia (BE), Culturescapes (CH), M.A.D.E. Festival (SE), Singapore Arts Festival, Fall for Dance (US), and The American Dance Festival (US).
Before launching TAO Dance Theatre, founder Tao Ye danced with Jin Xing Dance Theatre in Shanghai and Beijing Modern Dance Company, and co-founder, dancer and specialist in Mongolian folk dance, Wang Hao, is a graduate of the Central University of Nationalities Dance Academy. TAO Dance Theatre star, Duan Ni, who now works exclusively with Tao Ye, has previously performed alongside modern dance legends Shen Wei (US) and Akram Khan (UK).

TAO Dance Theatre is devoted to dance education, and has been invited to teach at the China Central University of Nationalities, Beijing Languages University, Shaanxi Normal University, Yan’an University, International School of Beijing, Henny Jurriens Stichtin in Amsterdam, Dance in Olten Festival in Switzerland, among other schools, universities, and festivals. They also offer open classes and workshops at, the Beijing Dance Academy, Chaoyang District Culture Center, Beijing Contemporary MOMA Art Center, and ULLENS Center for Contemporary Art (UCCA) in Beijing.

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Tao Ye is a graduate of the Chongqing Dance School in Chongqing, China. After dancing with the Shanghai Army Song & Dance Ensemble, he joined Jin Xing Dance Theatre in 2003 where he stayed until 2006.

In 2004, he began choreographing his own works, and together with five independent artists, co-founded the Shanghai-based physical performance company “Zuhe Niao” and performed in their first production Tongue’s Memory of Home. In 2005, Tao Ye’s choreography One Person (a duet) was performed at the Shanghai Art Center.

In 2006, he joined the Beijing Modern Dance Company (BMDC) where he toured internationally as well as in China. As a member of BMDC, he choreographed the male duet In•In in 2006 and the company work Fantasy in 2007.

In March 2008, Ye founded TAO Dance Theatre. Main works include: Weight x 3; Sketch; moment; left & right; 2; 4. In 2011 He was invited to co-star in the film Blue Bone, by filmmaker Du Kefeng and directed by rock legend Cui Jian. In 2012, leading Asian style magazine Men’s UNO awarded Tao Ye the 2012 Elegance Award.


Wang Hao entered the dance program at the Central University for Nationalities Arts Secondary School in 1996 and a mere two years later, she won the Sixth Annual Beijing Dance Competition.

In 2002 Wang Hao obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in dance at the Central University for Nationalities Dance Academy, and in 2003 won the Eighth Annual Beijing Dance Competition, and placed third in the Seventh Annual China National Dance Competition. In 2005 she won a Second Place award in the Ninth Annual Beijing Dance Competition.

In 2006, Wang Hao joined the Beijing Modern Dance Company, where she performed for two years both in China and abroad and in March 2008, co-founded the TAO Dance Theatre.


Xie Xin graduated in 2002 from the Jiangxi Province Art Secondary School where she majored in Chinese dance. In 2004, she graduated from Guangdong Dance School where she majored in modern dance.

From 2004 she taught at the Guangdong Modern Dance Company Training Center and in 2005 became a soloist in Shanghai Jin Xing Dance Theatre, where she frequently toured abroad.

She joined TAO Dance Theatre in September 2011 and has since become a principal dancer.


Duan Ni graduated from the Shaanxi Art College in Xi‟an, China. In 2000, she entered the Beijing Dance Academy’s Modern Dance program (Guangdong branch) led by dance education pioneer and founder of China’s first modern dance company, Madam Yang Meiqi.

In 2003, Duan Ni received a scholarship to attend The American Dance Festival in North Carolina. After graduating with her Bachelor’s Degree in Modern Dance, Ni joined Shanghai Jin Xing Dance Theater where she performed in festivals throughout Europe.

By 2005, Ni became a member of the Akram Khan Dance Company in London, where she continued to tour internationally. She then joined Shen Wei Dance Arts in New York, where she performed at such venues as Lincoln Centre and the Kennedy Centre for the Performing Arts, while continuing to tour internationally. In August 2008, Duan Ni returned to China to join TAO Dance Theatre.


Lei Yan trained at Hubei Province Art School followed by Hubei Province Art Academy.
In 2006, Yan entered the Beijing Dance Academy Continuing Education Choreography Program. Upon graduation in 2008, she worked as a dance teacher and freelance dancer. She has performed in the First Annual Beijing Youth Theatre Festival, Guangdong Modern Dance Festival, 2008 Beijing Crossing International Dance Festival, Shanghai Fringe Festival, and Second Annual Beijing Modern Dance Festival.

Yan performed her own choreography in the Beijing Crossing International Dance Festival (2009) and Shanghai Fringe Festival (2009).

In July 2010 Yan joined the Beijing Modern Dance Company, and in September 2011 she joined TAO Dance Theatre.


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