Sleeping Beauty Dreams Features Diana Vishneva In A Merger Of Dance And Technology

What did Princess Aurora experience during her 100 year slumber?

(Miami) – After a successful World Premiere in Miami and New York in December 2018, Sleeping Beauty Dreams announces its 2019 U.S. tour dates and cities. The technological feat brought to life by the production company Magic Reality Group – is a contemporary dance and art experience using innovative technology, which explores the age-old fable of Sleeping Beauty and, for the first time, reveals what the Princess dreamed about during her 100-year slumber.

The princess faces the Demon of Fear and horror. Fear is intangible like gas and smoke. No wall, armor or shelter can prevent fear. It breaks its way into the body, bones, and soul.

Through a revolutionary fusion of visual arts, contemporary dance, lighting, groundbreaking, real-time digital technology, and electronic dance music by boldface name collaborators from all respective industries, the performance unravels the Princess’ passions, fears and sinful desires.

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Sleeping Beauty Dreams Featuring Diana Vishneva

The unique production incorporates a mature twist on the old tale, known worldwide so well. Each dance movement by the Princess, played by world-renowned prima ballerina Diana Vishneva and international ballet dancer Mi Deng, is met with eight supporting dancers, as well as larger-than-life demons and angels, mimicking her moves.

The demons and angels were imagined and visualized by Tobias Gremmler, the famed digital artist who has developed design solutions for Apple, Samsung, and Sony, in addition to working with Bjork. The virtual characters brought to life move simultaneously with the Princess, as 14 motion sensors sewn into the ornate costume instantly simulate her movements.

“Sleeping Beauty Dreams brings the dream realm to life. This is a theatrical experience unlike anything else you can see right now,” says Gremmler. “The incorporation of real-time data and revolutionary technology allow us to create digital avatars — also known as the demons and angels — that mimic Sleeping Beauty in her dreamscape. We believe this immersive experience for the audience is the future of performing arts.”

4U2C, a creative design studio based in Montreal, Canada, takes its tech team to translate Tobias Gremmler’s creative vision into world-class experiences for fans.

Performing alongside Vishneva or Deng is the principal dancer at the Dutch National Ballet, Marijn Rademaker, who will play the role of the Prince.

Audiences will be physically and emotionally moved by the vibrating beats of electronic music by famed EDM pioneer, NOISIA’s Thijs de Vlieger.

Industry tastemakers include the choreographer and creative director Edward Clug and costume designer Jorge Muskus.

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Press Release Via: Magic Reality Group, Inc

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