Savion Glover Reveals The Spiritual Side of Tap Dance in OM

“Savion Glover on Fox 5 New York”

Savion Glover is currently performing OM: THE OFFERINGZ, THE PRAYERS, THE RESOLUTIONZ at the Joyce Theater in New York through July 12.

In the above local tv appearance, Savion discusses OM and the relationship between spirituality and tap dance that he’s exploring.

He then performs an improvisational piece he dubs Kei Saved The Day. Turns out he’d arrived at the tv studio late, called Keitaro Hosokawa, one of the dancers in the show, and got him to rush a pair of tap shoes over in time for the Fox 5 appearance.

If you’re interested in more about Savion Glover’s background, check out this video from THNKR:

“Roots of a Tap Dance Legend – Savion Glover”

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