Ryan Heffington’s Next Level Choreography For Florence + The Machine’s Music Videos

“Florence + The Machine – What Kind Of Man”

The more I encounter Ryan Heffington‘s work, the more impressed I am.

No disrespect but most everybody else doing notable commercial work in music videos is mostly focused on steps and sequences. He does those but there’s a lot more going on in these two new videos, one an album intro (below) and the other the lead single (above) from Florence + The Machine’s new album How Big How Blue How Beautiful.

Heffington also choreographed the mildly controversial video for Sia’s Elastic Heart.

Ambiguity! Deep emotions! This is art for grownups. Kids, of whatever age, if you can’t handle the really real in art, go watch the Brady Bunch!

“Florence + The Machine – How Big How Blue How Beautiful”

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