Rough Day At DanceLand

high-riskToday your boy Clyde almost gave up on DanceLand.

I’m the guy on the far left in this pic, in case you were wondering.

DanceLand is a project I’ve been trying to get off the ground in various forms (see All World Dance) for almost 4 years. Between trying to figure out what’s up with WordPress and handling other responsibilities I’ve started and stopped multiple times along the way. It’s kind of embarrassing!

I’m not really a technical personal but I’ve learned a lot over the last 14 years of blogging and web publishing and now I’m grappling with WordPress without being a programmer. It’s tough sometimes though it is amazing that a dancer/writer can also be a publisher with the tools we have these days.

If you were on the site today, you know that all the pics were gone for a while! I guess I somehow deleted them though they disappeared in a way that I think you’d have to delete them individually or at least clearly pick a whole group cause the folders were still there.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. So I was at the point where I was going to give up and just focus on my writing, which made a lot of sense as I felt my world on the web falling apart, until it turned out that all my web host needed to do was upload yesterday’s backup of media content.

Sanity restored!

So I’m hanging in and will continue to post irregularly through the Holidays.

In the New Year we’ll be launching a calendar for dance events starting with dance performances. Since we currently hold many news announcements about events till right before they occur, the calendar will give folks a chance to find out about events in their area as soon as they’re announced.

Though that’s by no means the end of what’s planned for DanceLand, it is where we’ll focus for the foreseeable future as we connect with more folks in the dance world, which will help us expand our coverage, and with more dance fans, most of whom are dancers themselves.

I’m looking forward to 2015. I think it could be a big year for DanceLand which will make it a giant year for me. Hopefully it will be a bright spot in your year as well!

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