Pnut’s Back and Finger Tutting to Dance Monkey by Tones And I

Pnut Finger Tutting to Tones And I – Dance Monkey

It’s not that Pnut has necessarily been gone but I haven’t seen one of his videos in years. He’s got some from a few years back on the Status Silver YouTube account and that’s where I’ve always seen his work. So, yeah, it’s been a minute.

It’s a timely return:
“Finger Tutting is something nearly anyone can do at home during this crisis! This video was to be filmed in Feb 2020, but unfortunately, due to the covid-19 coronavirus quarantine, travel was not an option. We decided to make this video for you remotely so please enjoy!”

Tones And I – Dance Monkey

The video for the song to which Pnut finger tuts has some interesting dance moments featuring some elderly folks and a youngster or two in disguise. But it’s also very much about reclaiming one’s ability to move and to be a bit of a rascal in one’s old age.

The song also inspired a number of dancers to choreograph their own takes:

Dancers Dancing to Dance Monkey by Tones And I

From YouTube:
“There are so many talented people in the world and a lot of dancers have connected with my song. Me and my team decided to cut together a small sample of some of the one’s that caught our eye. Credits and time stamps for their videos” over at YouTube.

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