Paddy and Nico’s Salsa Dance Act Wins More Hearts in Britain’s Got Talent 2014 Final

“Paddy and Nico raise the bar”

Paddy and Nico have obviously captured a lot of hearts.

At the age of 79 Paddy Jones has the current Guinness World Record for Oldest Acrobatic Salsa Dancer.

The two gave not a flawless but a very human performance for BGT 2014 Final.

The pair seem unlikely to win and Paddy may not be interested in immediately capitalizing on their success. Nevertheless they’re clearly winners regardless of the outcome of the competition.

Clyde F. Smith

DanceLand founder Clyde F. Smith has a BFA and MA in Dance from UNC-Greensboro and a PhD in Cultural Studies from The Ohio State University. In addition to staging his own works, Clyde performed with NC's New Performing Dance Company and San Francisco's The High Risk Group. Clyde returned to performing in 2015 with an improvisational project called Working Sessions.

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