A Dancer’s Guide to Online Relaxation

man outside smiling at tablet

These days it can be more difficult to relax than at many points in the past. Everyone’s dealing with the pandemic, politics and earning a living in one way or another. Dancers have special challenges in that our art is so dependent on being face-to-face, in enclosed spaces, breathing deeply. But the world of the web has created relaxation possibilities that go beyond the current boom in taking online classes.

Dancing With Friends

Most dancers have probably taken an online dance class and many are now teaching. While that can be a lot of fun and even give one a chance to enjoy a class from a teacher in another part of the world, it just can’t replace dancing with friends.

You may have seen improvisational artists attempting to work together from different locations. Often they give one a sense of working in isolation though connected at a distance. But if you’re willing to get a bit more organized, you can create a fun night dancing with your friends while staying home.

Try gathering multiple screens, an extra phone, an old computer put in storage plus the screens you now have. Arrange them in a semicircle of sorts at different levels so that you can see them all or focus on one at a time. Add some interesting background lighting, pick an outfit and you and your friends can connect for an evening of dance.

Bet On Fun

Sometimes you just can’t get your friends together and have some extra time to take a break. If you find games of chance entertaining, whether they relax or invigorate you, there are many online options from which to choose.

Games of chance can be found in many forms and a great place to start is Casimba. You don’t need to know how to do anything complicated. Just like a trip to Vegas, you can get started with online slot machines at https://www.casimba.com/en-gb/slots.

It’s a great way to have some fun, test your luck and even aim for the ultimate jackpot.

Google Street View

Here’s a way to relax you probably weren’t expecting. Ever wonder what it’s like to walk down the streets of a Paris neighborhood or a small town in Argentina? Google Street View gives you the option to relax and dream about faraway places from the comfort of your own living room.

You can literally start anywhere. Go to Google.com, enter a destination and you’re off. Google results will include a map on which you can click. Once it loads, you’ll see a tiny human figure in the corner. Drag that figure to any point on the map that turns blue while you drag and drop it where you’d like to start.

From there you’ll be transported to street level where you can look around at all angles and proceed down the block. One of my favorite activities on Street View is to try to find the locations of scenes from movies. Sometimes you get to see how they were changed for special effect.

Find Your Own Way To Relax

As you can see, there are many ways to relax online. Perhaps you have some of your own you’d like to share. Searching for a topic to get a conversation going on Facebook? Try sharing your ideas and asking your friends for theirs. You might just find it entertaining!

By Clarke Adams


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