Myanmar’s Moonji Production and MultiVerse Advertising Present Still/Life Film Series Artfully Connecting Dance, Martial Arts and Sports

“Still/Life Film – Moonji Production”

Still/Life is a short film from Moonji Production, a Myanmar-based film production company. It brings together dance, martial arts and football (aka soccer) in a film series described in a press release:

“Myanmar is entering the global stage, but the world knows little about its youth who are now more capable and creative than ever, and are rediscovering and bringing new life to forgotten corners of their city. Director Josh Hayward and Executive Creative Director Thom Hayward tell the story through the eyes of a new generation of athletes and artists who are rising from the shadows.”

“‘As Yangon itself is transformed by the global exchange of technology and art, its youth are absorbing this new universe of images and ideas, and are in turn creating a new kind of culture,’ said Thom Hayward. ‘They’re blending traditional elements with influences from the outside, and are producing things the world has never seen before.'”

“Still/Life Muay Thai Film – Moonji Production”

So far, at least on YouTube, two short Still/Life films have been released. The first one above that includes some interesting contemporary dance elements was posted in November, 2018 and the above muay thai short was posted in October. DanceLand does share martial arts videos from time to time and this one reminds us of the similarities between martial arts training and dance training. We all spend a lot more time preparing for our performances than we do on stage. And, of course, the young who aspire to one day be on stage follow the examples of those they idolize.

Moonji Production is working with MultiVerse Advertising (MVA) on the series. MVA describes itself as a “Myanmar-based independent full-service advertising agency specializing in integrated marketing and content creation with offices in San Francisco and New York.”

Here’s more from Moonji Production on the Still/Life series.

“KFC MALA – Moonji Production”

I’m not sure how much of Moonji Production’s work is done in association with MVA but they do a lot of advertising and marketing work based on their YouTube account. This work includes quite a bit for KFC which recently introduced their Mala Chicken in Singapore to mixed reviews. Variations on “tasty but not as spicy as advertised” abound. Not sure when it was introduced in Myanmar, since the above video predates the intro in Singapore, but KFC has been in Yangon since 2015 where it received an enthusiastic welcome.

Beyond the story of KFC in Asia, I’m including this video because it makes excellent use of dance in an advertisement. Moonji Production clearly does world-class work and understands how to film dance and movement with both highly commercial and highly artistic approaches.

Clyde F. Smith

DanceLand founder Clyde F. Smith has a PhD in Cultural Studies from OSU and performs improvisational dance in Working Sessions.