Mobicoach Studio Connects Online Teachers With Groups Of Students

Mobicoach_Studio[San Jose, CA] – Somewhere near you, a young mom would love to participate in a yoga class from home, while her two-year-old takes an afternoon nap. And another stressed executive would love to come home from work and participate in a martial arts clinic with his 10-year-old son from their family room before dinner. Now, they can do just that with the latest technological innovation in Mobicoach 3.0.

Mobiplex, the makers of Mobicoach, announced their latest technology break through, in a series of recent innovations, called Mobicoach Studio. Unlike any other streaming service on the market, this technology enables participants of a large or small remote group to interact with a live host in real-time utilizing Mobicoach’s unique Floor Control and Display Sync methodology. The technology implemented in Mobicoach enables blindingly fast host-to-user responsiveness combined with a concurrent-users scale that is unparalleled.

With the powerful addition of Mobicoach Studio, the Mobicoach 3.0 app/platform is readily the most interactive and effective coaching and training platform for fitness, sports, rehabilitation, and performing arts on the market. The Mobicoach mobile platform, which was launched earlier this year for golf, has already become an indispensable tool at many of the world’s most renowned golf academies, including Nicklaus Academies and Troon Golf Academy.

The app’s easy-to-use interface makes it possible for a coach to interact with a student much like they would in person, using live and recorded video, two-way whiteboarding tools to visually explain concepts and drills, library comparisons and post-session review. The solution is implemented as a marketplace, enabling users to select the very best instructors, schedule appointments and pay securely for the instruction, be it one-on-one or group.

Vijay Nadkarni, Founder and CEO of Mobiplex says, “Now a dance instructor can choreograph moves with her 10-person group at a distance, or a fitness instructor can conduct an interactive Pilates clinic for a mass audience of thousands.”

Instructors interested in generating revenue by participating in Mobicoach or hosting a live Mobicoach Studio group session are encouraged to contact Mobiplex directly by emailing David Grove at:

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