Men Do Dance: Street Kingdom’s Respect The Buck At Breakin’ Convention 2014

“Street Kingdom: Respect The Buck: Breakin’ Convention 2014”

Street Kingdom is a dance crew from Los Angeles specializing in Krumping, a style of street dance that was co-created by the group’s leader┬áCeasare “Tight Eyez” Willis.

While watching I remembered the lament of dance educators in the late 70s and early 80s that “men/boys don’t dance.”

Ironically at the time breakdance and many other forms of street dance were coming into existence and later I realized that the laments seemed more related to traditional dance styles and, honestly, the lack of interest in dance among white males. It was more complicated than that but there definitely seemed to be some blind spots.

I was a bit young and not thinking enough about the dynamics at the time to closely examine them. But the work of dancers like Tight Eyez and crews like Street Kingdom built on those early styles of street dance while continuing to find a way to express their masculinity through dance.

You can check for their appearances on America’s Best Dance Crew Season 6 on MTV’s site.

I’d post something from YouTube but it all looks pirated. Which is unfortunate but partly a result of the fact that ABDC is one of the shows that doesn’t make it easy to check out online and ultimately undermines the legacy of the performers.

Clyde F. Smith

DanceLand founder Clyde F. Smith has a PhD in Cultural Studies from OSU and performs improvisational dance in Working Sessions.