MARIN Echo Music Video Features Leading Japanese Pachinko Character With Music By Hachioji P and SUNNY BOY

MARIN Echo – Music by Hachioji P and SUNNY BOY

(Nagoya City, Japan) – SANYO BUSSAN CO., LTD. has announced global idol character “MARIN project’s” new release of its first music video; “MARIN Echo”. Last year at New York Comic Con, MARIN project announced its global IP development intentions while celebrating “SeaStory Marin’s” 20th anniversary. Utilizing the Japanese video production technique from CG Animation Studio Dynamo Pictures, MARIN expresses her danceable and groovy new world in this English video.

The video was made by some of the best creative teams representing Japanese entertainment. The music used in the video and the song titled “MARIN ECHO” was produced by global talent Hachioji P and SUNNY BOY. The music is also available now through Apple Music and Spotify by Toy’s Factory.

The English version of MARIN comics have been released worldwide through Amazon/comiXology this past July as well. Comic distribution will be expanding into China, Japan, Korea and the EU in their respective languages.

Himekawa Art Productions and Sanyo Reveal – Marin! at New York Comic Con

The Global Character MARIN project is lead by Akira Himekawa’s production company “Himekawa Art Production” which is known for the Legend of Zelda and My Little Pony comics. They are creating the MARIN character in a new interpretation for the franchise and are developing an Anime and a game.

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SANYO is the leading Pachinko business company in Japan. Known for the “Sea Story” series debuting in 1999 – the main character Marin is still the most popular Pachinko character today.

Hachioji P

VOCALOID Producer/Producer/DJ
Young icon of the Vocaloid world creates groovy and electric sounds based on dance music and uniquely merges the world of Vocaloids. Known to perform globally and arrange music for Shoko Nakagawa and Aya Hirano. Makes numerous appearances in overseas clubs and festivals in Asia, Europe, America and South America etc.


Producer/Songwriter/Sound Engineer: Grew up in Hawaii, started playing piano at 3 years old, now blending in Hip Hop/R&B is currently a rapper. Involved with more than 200 songs. 2016 – Wrote and produced official 2016 Summer Olympics song by NHK called “Hero” performed by Namie Amuro. 2018 – Wrote #1 hit song on Billboard world wide called “Don’t Leave Me” by BTS. Produces many artists like BIG BANG, 2NE1, Namie Amuro, BTS, Daichi Miura, EXILE SHOKICHI, GENERATIONS and BLACKPINK.

Press Release Via: SANYO BUSSAN CO., LTD.


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