Full Videos Of Marc Jacobs’ Fabulous Fall 2020 Runway Show With Karole Armitage, Miley Cyrus And Dancers


What a wonderful staging of a runway show! From Karole Armitage’s opening to the patterns of the models to some great choreography by Armitage, this is an exceptional dance/theater event from Marc Jacobs. Armitage is said to have choreographed “part of the show” but that’s all I have so far on her role.

There are additional pics and videos on Karole Armitage’s Instagram account!

If you have more about her role in creating the show, including a simple link, I’ll update and credit you:
email news(at)dance.land please!

You can see the call for dancers, including pay, still currently posted at Dance/NYC.

Marc Jacobs | Fall Winter 2020/2021 | Full Show

Here’s another angle on the show.

I’m also a Miley Cyrus fan, go ahead and hate if you wish. She was in the show and is described as “longtime muse for the legendary New York designer” Marc Jacobs.

She’s also posted numerous pics and videos from the show on her Instagram account though some may have been removed by now for accidental(?) viewing of human breasts. How scandalous!

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Fittings with @themarcjacobs shot by @vijatm

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I really do love what happens when fashion designers bring movement into their runway shows beyond simply moving a line of models through a unique environment.

Therefore: Bonus Video of Marc Jacobs’ Spring 2020 Runway Show!


Hey, Marc! If you ever want to do a quirky staging on the sidewalk, that’s my forte!

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