Lin-Manuel Miranda Highlights Salsa Dance And Music In Discover Puerto Rico Video Series

Discover Puerto Rico with Lin-Manuel Miranda: Chapter 5: Salsa

(San Juan) – Discover Puerto Rico, the Island’s first-ever Destination Marketing Organization (DMO), today unveiled a new 8-chapter series by Lin-Manuel Miranda, titled “Discover Puerto Rico with Lin-Manuel.” Together with the Puerto Rico Tourism Company (PRTC), the DMO launches the series of videos that follow the playwright, composer, and Puerto Rican actor in a tour of his favorite iconic locations on the Island, to encourage visitors to discover the wonders of the destination.

“Once again, Lin-Manuel Miranda delivers an extraordinary gift to the people of Puerto Rico. Who better to invite the world to discover the cultural essence and unique experiences of the Island than this beloved superstar, who represents the heart, soul and passion of Puerto Rico? Each video showcases what makes our Island such a special destination, through the eyes of one of the great storytellers of our time,” said Brad Dean, CEO of Discover Puerto Rico.

The series follows the extraordinary success achieved with the presentation of the Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award-winning musical Hamilton, which Lin-Manuel Miranda brought to the Island last January, reprising his role as the musical’s lead. This series comes as part of Lin-Manuel’s commitment to promote his home Island, and continue growing the tourism economy through awareness of the offerings in Puerto Rico. The series can be viewed on the Discover Puerto Rico webpage.

Discover Puerto Rico with Lin-Manuel Miranda: Chapter 1: Rediscover

“In addition to great beaches and tropical rainforests, Puerto Rico offers a remarkable fusion of world-class cultural, artistic and gastronomic experiences,” said Lin-Manuel Miranda. “In this series we sought to highlight some of those hidden treasures that make Puerto Rico an unparalleled destination with something for everyone. From stunning museums, public artwork, concert arenas, theaters and opera houses, to dance halls, historic districts, a robust and rebuilding coffee industry, artisanal local restaurants and innovative tourism adventures for this new millennium, Puerto Rico is sending a bold message that it is ready for visitors and open for business. I invite everyone to check out this web series, grab a pen and paper, and start planning a visit to Puerto Rico today.”

Consisting of eight episodes, the series emphasizes the essence of the Puerto Rican culture. Offering much more than its noteworthy world-known beaches, Puerto Rico contains unique natural wonders, historical offerings and a growing sustainability movement. The project highlights some of Lin-Manuel’s favorite attractions such as the Spanish colonial Old San Juan district, and coffee farms in the central region of the Island, growing in popularity for their authenticity and unique experiences. Other highlights include the Placita de Güisín, a public art mosaic which commemorates the legacy of Lin-Manuel’s paternal grandfather in the town of Vega Alta, as well as the Isla Verde area, known for being a culinary community with beachside escapes.

Each video has a duration of roughly five minutes and showcases Lin-Manuel experiencing a Puerto Rico that is vibrant, resilient and thriving. He also shares experiences and conversations with personalities such as iconic singer-songwriter Lucecita Benítez; actress Denise Quiñones; the agronomist and coffee expert, José Alberto Atienza Nicolau; musician Luis Sanz; journalist Mariana Reyes; salsa singer Willito Otero; and urban artist PJ Sin Suela. The videos, told through the eyes of Lin-Manuel, shed light on events and activities that visitors can enjoy throughout the year.

Discover Puerto Rico with Lin-Manuel Miranda: Chapter 6: Calle Loíza

“Over a year in the making, this locally produced mini series, product of a collaboration between the Puerto Rico Tourism Company and the Miranda family, features the natural, cultural and historic attributes of beautiful Puerto Rico, as narrated by Lin-Manuel. In the months preceding the debut of Hamilton Musical on the Island, our Island’s own made sure to visit local sites, and grew convinced that the best way to set Puerto Rico back on track for prosperity is to invite the world to get to know the essence of our land and people by encouraging all to visit. In partnership with Discover Puerto Rico, it will now be part of the Island’s ongoing marketing efforts,” said Carla Campos, executive director of the PRTC.

Among Puerto Rico’s numerous and exciting endeavors is the 500-year anniversary of the city of San Juan, taking place with cultural events in fall 2019. As a mix of Taino Indian, African and Spanish heritages, Puerto Rico’s rich culture, cuisine, history, arts, music and dance are unlike any in the world. The Island offers the only rainforest in the U.S. forest system, El Yunque, three of the world’s five bioluminescent bays and a skyrocketing sustainability portfolio of touristic offerings such as a strong farm-to-table scene and a variety of green hotels. The destination has also become popular among the LGBTQ+ community, and with numerous hospital advances, plus the benefit of recovery in a tropical climate, the medical tourism sector is one of sure growth for the future.

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About Discover Puerto Rico

Discover Puerto Rico is a newly established private, not for-profit Destination Marketing Organization (DMO) whose mission is to make Puerto Rico visible to the world as a premier travel destination. The DMO brings prosperity to the people of Puerto Rico by collaboratively promoting the Island’s diversity and uniqueness for leisure and business travel, and events. It is responsible for all global marketing, sales and promotion of the destination and works collaboratively with key local governmental and non-governmental players throughout Puerto Rico’s visitor economy and community at large, to empower economic growth.

About the Puerto Rico Tourism Company

The Puerto Rico Tourism Company (PRTC), founded in 1970, is a public corporation responsible for stimulating, promoting and regulating the development of the tourism industry. It markets Puerto Rico as a tourism destination through advertising, public relations and promotional activities; promotes tourism among visitors and local residents; provides visitor orientation and technical assistance to investors; evaluates tourism facilities and establishes standards of quality; and regulates and oversees gaming operations. PRTC has offices and representatives in the U.S. mainland, Canada, Europe and Latin America.


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