Lil Buck Guests in New Ballet Ensemble’s Nut ReMix 2014

“Nut ReMix Promo 2014”

Lil Buck is a former member of New Ballet Ensemble in Memphis and he returned this weekend as a guest performer in the Nut ReMix, a Memphis version of The Nutcracker:

“In this modern day ballet (set on Beale Street) the traditional score bows to contemporary rhythms as an exciting Hip Hop battle pits man against mouse, resolving peacefully as snow descends on a surprised Memphis.”

“Celebrating the diversity of Memphis, the production features the African dance and drumming of West Guinea, thrilling authentic Flamenco and captivating Chinese dance rooted in the traditions of these cultures. Audiences experience the classical ballet of the Sugar Plum juxtaposed with the raw energy of urban dance that has come to be associated with New Ballet.”

Clyde F. Smith

DanceLand founder Clyde F. Smith has a PhD in Cultural Studies from OSU and performs improvisational dance in Working Sessions.