Learn To Code By Programming Your Own Dancing Ozobot

“Program Ozobot To Dance”

[Redondo Beach, CA] – OzoGroove, the newest app from the makers of the world’s smallest programmable robot known as Ozobot, proves that robots can glide and dance with grace. Techies, kids and game enthusiasts can now download the free App from Google play or the iTunes Store and cue their music, then code their amazing buddy.

Ozobot can be programmed for action in thousands of ways. Packed with a tech-y wow factor, the one-inch wonder has earned buzz from The International CES to mom bloggers and finally awards from the toy industry. Dr. Toy gave it two of her 2014 honors — 10 Best Technology and 100 Best Children’s Products. Just this week Ozobot made headlines as a Toy of the Year (TOTY) finalist in the Most Innovative Toy category in the Toy Industry Association’s “Oscars,” and last week earned The National Parenting Center Holiday 2014 Seal of Approval.

Anouk Zisa, VP, Marketing of Ozobot’s parent company Evollve, appeared at The 2014 Luxury Technology Show in Beverly Hills. As she explained, “This tiny robot can read 1,000s of static color code commands on paper or tablets — and more impressively can be programmed on tablets to read flashing light codes, remember and perform up to 500 of them. With this new App, OzoGroove, everyone can learn to program while choreographing their own routines to their favorite music. The robot reads and ‘learns’ the code created moments before, then dances.”

Not sure where to step first? The app comes with built-in demos, versatile dance tools and even a help desk. Simply download, cue your music and sequence a few moves. Over time users can master their skills and create uber cool moves within the app’s PRO editor option. Choreograph one or multiple bots. Gather your friends and their Ozobots to create a dance troupe!

To see this small wonder, visit www.Ozobot.com.


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