Laurieann Gibson, Kat Graham & Degree Women Create Dance Videos For Grammys

“Portrait of a Game Changing Choreographer/Creative Director”

[Englewood Cliffs, NJ] – With excitement building toward the 57th GRAMMY Awards, Degree Women – an official sponsor of the show – is teaming up with triple-threat singer, dancer and The Vampire Diaries star Kat Graham to spotlight those unexpected and breakthrough moments that create a game-changing performance and distinguish Music’s Biggest Night from any other show.

With a heritage in movement, Degree Women has always encouraged women to push themselves to perform their best and achieve their goals. Now, the brand is redefining the deodorant category with its new Dry Spray Antiperspirant, which goes on instantly dry for a cleaner feel. Unlike sticks and gels, Dry Spray Antiperspirant leaves no waxy or goopy residue and is dry from the moment it touches the skin. In the spirit of this game-changing innovation, the brand is celebrating those with the passion and vision to take performance, particularly in dance and music, to the next level.

Together, Kat and Degree go behind-the-scenes with creative director and award-winning choreographer Laurieann Gibson, who has been behind some of the most breakthrough GRAMMY moments, to see what it takes to deliver a performance that not only changes an artist’s image, but can also change the industry.

Kat will bring viewers along as she catches up with her friend and longtime mentor Laurieann to see firsthand how dance can elevate a song and deliver an unforgettable performance. Together, Kat and Laurieann give fans an insider look into the unique and dynamic exchange between a choreographer and dancer, and showcase the magic that happens when great music and dance come together. Their video series tracks the artistic process that starts with a creative spark in the mind of a choreographer and is then brought to life through the composition and three-dimensional movement of dancers.

“I’m always pushing myself to be at the top of my game, so I need products that won’t let me down. Degree Dry Spray keeps me protected so I can keep moving and doing the things I love to do,” said Kat. “Dance is where I started and what I will always do. I was so excited that Degree brought Laurieann and me together to show how game-changing choreography and movement can create an emotional connection to music. There’s only one night where fans can experience that connection together and that’s the GRAMMYs.”

Kat and Laurieann’s first video is currently live at and features Kat surprising Laurieann to kick off the series. Three additional videos will follow, including two videos that will go live on the day of the GRAMMYs. “A Day in the Life,” which will air during the E! Live From the Red Carpet broadcast and run online, will give viewers a glimpse into what it means to be a top choreographer. In “Approach,” which will also run online on Feb 8, dance lovers can see how Laurieann uses movement to tell a story in an industry that constantly demands innovation. The series will culminate on February 9 with “A Game Changing Move” in which Laurieann teaches dancers, including Kat, a new dance move, demonstrating how some moves that seem as natural as the beat of a song actually require time, dedication and sweat to get to that breakthrough moment.

Degree has something special in store as well. In celebration of the GRAMMYs, Degree is giving its followers and Kat’s fans an exclusive look at Kat performing some of her favorite dance moves through a series of short-form videos. In the videos Kat will draw inspiration from past and current game-changing performances and songs to put the new Degree Dry Spray to the test. DegreeWomen will push out the videos during GRAMMY commercial breaks and encourage viewers at home to share their own dance moves using the hashtag DanceBreak.


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