Kobe Bryant’s BODYARMOR Dance Parody Ads Ft. Andrew Luck, Mike Trout, Skylar Diggins-Smith

“BODYARMOR Sports Drink | Andrew Luck & Mike Trout Disco Battle”

Koby Bryant is not only a part-owner of BODYARMOR Sports Drink but he also gets involved in some of their marketing as a Creative Director. In this new TV spot he pits baseball superstar Mike Trout of the Los Angeles Angels against Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck in a “Disco Battle” that is rightfully described as “closer to a Saturday Night Live skit than Saturday Night Fever.”

Apparently Mike Trout, who has the biggest player contract in “North American sports history,” is a bit withdrawn and Kobe’s project brought him out of his shell. While I have mixed feelings about white guys dancing as a big joke, it’s not a bad look for someone who doesn’t play around in public.

“BODYARMOR Sports Drink | Skylar Diggins-Smith ‘Thanks…'”

In more throwback, dance-related humor, Kobe also wrote and co-directed a BODYARMOR spot in 2018 with a similar theme featuring WNBA Dallas Wings star Skylar Diggins-Smith in a jazzercise instructor role. Diggins-Smith is also a BODYARMOR investor and is more likely to be qualified to be a jazzercise instructor as well, if she so desired.

I could not find choreographer credits for the Disco Battle spot but BJ Das choreographed the Thanks spot featuring Skylar Diggins-Smith. Based in LA, BJ Das has worked on a lot of commercials and specializes in working with both actors and athletes on movement performance. She appears in the below behind-the-scenes for the BODYARMOR spot.

“BODYARMOR Sports Drink | “Thanks…” Behind the Scenes – Skylar Diggins-Smith”

Clyde F. Smith

DanceLand founder Clyde F. Smith has a BFA and MA in Dance from UNC-Greensboro and a PhD in Cultural Studies from The Ohio State University. In addition to staging his own works, Clyde performed with NC's New Performing Dance Company and San Francisco's The High Risk Group. Clyde returned to performing in 2015 with an improvisational project called Working Sessions.

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