Has Photographer Jordan Matter Jumped The Shark With Extreme Dares, Stunts And Challenges?

Ashlee Rose Montague – Extreme Acro Dares and Stunts *Don’t Try This*

No disrespect intended to photographer Jordan Matter who has a long track record of “10 Minute Photo Challenges” in which he photographs dancers in unique locations. His relatively recent move to working with groups like Cirque du Soleil and the Grav Gang takes the concept into a wider range of movement arts and that’s something we’re into here at DanceLand. But it’s hard not to go tongue in cheek and ask, has Jordan Matter jumped the shark? Since jumping the shark implies a loss of focus or a general decline in an ongoing series, I’d have to say no.

Grav Gang – Leaping Over a MOVING CAR Extreme Gymnastic Dares *don’t try this*

While some may quibble that he’s moved away from art into the land of stunts, Jordan Matter’s Challenges have always been more about entertainment and popular culture than high art. And that’s cool. By shifting his focus a bit he extends the original concept in a manner that is likely to draw a larger audience though he was reaching over 10 million views with many of his dance videos. Time will tell if his audience will get bigger but for now it’s just fun to check out Ashlee Rose Montague and the Grav Gang.

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