Child Actor Jakari Fraser And Choreographer William “Willdabeast” Adams Hold Dance-A-Thon For No Kid Hungry

No kid hungry x Jakari x @willdabeast

On December 30th child actor Jakari Fraser and dancer/choreographer William “Willdabeast” Adams joined forces to hold a Dance-A-Thon for No Kid Hungry, an organization dedicated to ending childhood hunger in America. Below is their official announcement for the event.

If you want to join Jakari in his efforts to end hunger and could not attend the Dance-A-Thon, donations can be made by at:

Child Actor Launches Dance-A-Thon To Stick A Fork In Childhood Hunger

(Los Angeles) – A little dance will soon help to provide food for the hungry. The novel idea of a Dance-A-Thon was launched by a child actor with a need to make a difference and help change the world one good deed at a time. Jakari Fraser has joined No Kid Hungry’s 10 million possibilities campaign to help provide 10 million meals.

Hunger is a Problem We Can Fix

Ayesha Curry and Stephen Curry’s Eat, Play, Learn Foundation has also joined the campaign to match donations made up to 2.5 million meals during the No Kid Hungry 10 Million Possibilities campaign to help reach 10 million meals.

Not every child gets to eat and this is an embarrassing fact. Data from Feeding America indicates 1 in 7 people face hunger, and the rates for children are startling: about 1 in 5 children do not have access to food at some point in the year. In all, 48.8 million Americans and 16.2 million children are living in homes without means to buy nutritious food regularly.

Working with local partners across the country, No Kid Hungry is ending childhood hunger by ensuring that kids get the food they need like healthy breakfast at school and free meals during the summertime. No Kid Hungry is a campaign to Share Our Strength, an organization working to end hunger and poverty. Most people are familiar with the name “No Kid Hungry,” which is how the campaign appears online and in consumer publications.

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?? Calling EVERYBODY!!! @willdabeast__ and I have come together to do something real special and we would like as many people to help us by getting involved to end childhood hunger! We will be using Dance as a platform to lift our voice!!!! More details to follow! @shadmoss Doing something special DEC 30th 6pm@!!! With my lil bro … @immaspace stay tuned ‼️‼️ #stickaforkinit #turnuptofighthunger @nokidhungry #kidkaricares @jakarifraser @immaspace @immbeastco #danceathon . . . . . #charity #awareness #throwbackthursday #la #instagood #beautiful #choreography #dopeedits #love #dance #dancer #life #immabeast #selfie #fitness #picoftheday #danceclass #music #travel #bowwow #hiphopturnup #soundcloud #future #explore #dancing

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The Dance-A-Thon movement owes its origin to a simple question Jakari asked his mom and dad: “Do all kids eat everyday?” The true and honest answer was “no.” As a kid actor with a platform, Jakari wanted to help to bring about change, he told his mom there had to be a way he could use his voice and influence to bring people together to help raise money for kids that don’t have the means to eat everyday. At that moment the campaign slogans, “stick a fork in it” and “turn up to fight hunger,” were born.

Aiming to use his image and influence to ensure kids don’t go hungry anytime of the year is Jakari’s goal. On the professional front, he began acting at the age of seven, starring in many film and TV projects, working alongside A-list actors such as Julia Roberts, Stepen Dorff, and Kathryn Newton, to name a few. His voice can be heard behind global brands and animated characters on major networks for both radio and television productions.

When asked why he chose dance for this campaign he said, “Dance is a universal language and it makes people feel good.” Jakari also says, “When my mom told me with just $1.00 I can provide up to 10 meals for a hungry child, I went to bed that night knowing I could save just $100.00 and provide up to 1,000 meals for hungry children. That was the best feeling in the world because it was a dream I knew I could make a reality.”

Jakari has thus launched the Dance-A-Thon, a 3 hour long segment with William “WilldaBeast” Adams as the celebrity guest choreographer. The Event will be held at Imma Space in Los Angeles, CA on December 30, 2019 at 6pm PST. The cost to register is $20.00 in which 50% of the proceeds will go to No Kid Hungry. Jakari, as well as other celebrity child actors and dancers, will dance to raise money for the cause.

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