Creators of “Hot Blood Dance Crew,” Chinese Company iQIYI, Launches Talent Agent Plan

“Hot Blood Dance Crew Episode 10” [Full Episode w/English Subtitles]

In December 2018 iQIYI announced plans for an English-language version of “Hot Blood Dance Crew.” Now they’re announcing a new Talent Agent Plan to expand their talent acquisition efforts across arts and entertainment.

“iQIYI Grants Format Rights to U2K for English Language Remake of ‘Hot-Blood Dance Crew'”

(BeijingDec. 19, 2018) — iQIYI Inc. (NASDAQ: IQ) (“iQIYI” or the “Company”), an innovative market-leading online entertainment service in China, today announced it has granted format rights to US production company U2K led by Michael and David Uslan to remake an English version of its hit street dance competition show “Hot-Blood Dance Crew”. The new agreement represents the first time U2K has developed the format of a Chinese variety show for English-speaking territories.

Described by U2K as “akin to ‘Lip Sync Battle and ‘The Voice’, but based around dancing instead of singing, with a strong AI component”, “Hot-Blood Dance Crew” has been a massive hit in China, popularizing the phenomenon of street dance among Chinese youth. As the first original Chinese online variety show simultaneously broadcast on both domestic and overseas platforms, “Hot-Blood Dance Crew” was broadcast abroad via Rakuten VIKI in North America, as well as being distributed through multiple Asian channels including Malaysia’s Astro, Starhub TV in Singapore and myTV SUPER in Hong Kong.

U2K is a leading Hollywood production company that has increasingly become a bridge between Hollywood and Asia, having signed similar deals with production companies in countries including ChinaIndia and South Korea.

iQIYI has made sure to maximize the commercial potential of “Hot-Blood Dance Crew”, with the show attracting 11 major brand sponsors and net advertising revenue of 650 million RMB, setting new industry records for total sponsorship received, total number of sponsors and fastest selling advertisement spots on an online variety show in China.

“iQIYI Launches New Talent Agent Plan at 2019 iQIYI World Conference”

“Wang Xiaohui, President of Professional Content Business Group (PCG) and Chief Content Officer of iQIYI, speaks at the China Talent Agent Summit of the 2019 iQIYI World Conference”

(Beijing, May 10, 2019) — iQIYI, Inc. (NASDAQ: IQ) (“iQIYI” or the “Company”), an innovative market-leading online entertainment company in China today launched the iQIYI Kiwi Talent Agent Plan (“the Plan”) at its 2019 World Conference. Spanning talent hunting, cultivation and promotion, the Plan leverages the full potential and resources of iQIYI’s platform, tailor-made content, online and offline entertainment activities and commercial endorsements to create a talent agent ecosystem that will enable the success of artists, benefit partners, and create a new talent agent model for the internet era.

With iQIYI’s strong track record in self-produced content, new artists will gain visibility in a variety of iQIYI’s online and offline events, as well as opportunities to participate in all types of variety shows and new dramas. iQIYI also provides artists with extensive publicity channels leveraging its main website, multiple independent apps and publicity channels, to help artists create diversified positioning and increase interaction with fans. Underpinned by iQIYI’s robust technology and AI capability, artists participating in the Plan will also join iQIYI’s Yihui system, which helps to digitize artists’ information and match them with the most suitable content and characters.

“The surging growth in China’s online viewing community and their demand for quality content have created significant opportunities for artists in the internet and mobile era, as well as the talent industry. iQIYI is well positioned to promote the development of the industry by sharing our resources and capability with our partners,” said Wang Xiaohui, President of Professional Content Business Group (PCG) and Chief Content Officer of iQIYI.

Hot Blood Dance Crew Judges

Since the launch of the “White Swan Plan” in 2017, iQIYI has gained extensive experience in nurturing young actors and artists in the entertainment industry. With the success of its own variety shows and dramas such as The Rap of China, Idol Producer, Hot-Blood Dance Crew, With You and Tientsin Mystic, iQIYI has successfully produced many household names among Chinese audiences. Over the years, iQIYI has successfully joined resources along the value chain working closely with talent agencies, internet KOLs, colleges and universities, as well as the platform’s high-quality self-made talent show programs.

The Plan was announced during the Talent Agent Forum of the 2019 iQIYI World Conference, which is the industry’s first ever forum focused on this subject. The Forum attracted a number of leading senior professionals from the industry including Wang Xiaohui, president of Professional Content Business Group (PCG) and Chief Content Officer of iQIYI; Leon Chen, senior vice president of iQIYI; Gu Shuhang, CEO of CAA China; Du Hua, founder of Yuehua Entertainment; Gao Shouzhi, president and founder of EntGroup; Huang Bin, founder and chairman of Weifeng Entertainment; Liu Tao, CEO of SoWonderful Media Co.Ltd. and Liu Tianchi, founder of Liu Tianchi Performance Workshop.

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