Reimagining Body Image Through Art Inspires Imagine Me Beyond What You See Competition

Imagine Me Beyond What You See Competition

Imagine Me Beyond What You See Competition

(Pekin, IL) – “Imagine Me Beyond What You See,” the unique art competition sponsored annually by the International Association of Eating Disorders Professionals (iaedp), offers artists the opportunity of self-expression by pushing the boundaries of form, structure and identity through visual, 3-dimensional and mixed media as well as poetry, spoken word and dance/performance.

For the 2020 iaedp Symposium, art competition entries are still being accepted through December 15, 2019.

“Imagine Me Beyond What You See” was first designed to promote a healthy awareness and acceptance of body images and that focus has been nurtured over its 10-year history. Traditionally, the art contest is open to everyone; however, iaedp asks eating disorders treatment centers and private practices with art therapists to work with patients to provide entries.

2019 First Place Imagine Me Winners

2019 Imagine Me Beyond What You See Winners

“Each art entry is as unique as the artists themselves,” says Blanche Williams, MS and Director of International Development at the iaedp Foundation. Entries must include a 300-word description/inspiration along with a two to three sentence biography of the artist or group. A list of materials/content must be provided along with a submission of four photos of the art form in high (300+) resolution jpeg format that shows at least four different angles. Photos will be enlarged, so quality is important.

Poetry and/or spoken word should be submitted in writing and/or one to two minute You Tube video link. Dance/performance must be submitted in one to two minute You Tube video link. All entries require signing an artist release.

The “Imagine Me Beyond What You See” awards ceremony is scheduled during the 2020 iaedp Symposium and includes the Professionals’ Choice Award, which is selected through voting by iaedp™ membership, 2020 Symposium attendees and the general public.

Imagine Me Beyond What You See Entries 2012

Past year Imagine Me contest entries and winners can be seen by visiting: IMAGINEME and MemberIMAGINEME

For additional information about the Imagine Me art competition, including how to enter, contact

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