Here’s What’s Next At DanceLand!

high-risk-groupAs I mentioned earlier in the week, DanceLand is going through some changes on the backend in preparation for adding new features, most importantly a Dance Events calendar. This calendar will allow anyone to post a dance event and, assuming you’re legit, you’ll then be set up with an account to edit your events and they will be greenlit for automatic posting.

I also pointed out that I’m not that technical a person but was going ahead with some things that I didn’t fully understand how to accomplish that the site needs.

That’s actually working out pretty well. I haven’t crashed the site and overall performance is improving.

There are some quirks I’m working out and a couple more things to do, including making the site as secure as possible before opening up the calendar for logins. But I can only think of one more thing I’m going to do that has disastrous potential and I think that would be temporary. Wish me luck!

We’re also getting ready to let a much wider range of dance companies and professional organizations know that you can send press releases and video links to us at:

SPECIAL NOTE: Even if we’re following you on YouTube, you should still drop us a line when you do an extra special video. YouTube does not show us all the videos from the accounts we follow.

I’m actually writing this note because I was just on YouTube and I saw some videos that were posted over the last week from accounts we follow that I would have considered posting and certainly needed to know about for possible inclusion.

But YouTube didn’t show us that in their feed. They just happened to include some of them in their suggestions.

It’s bizarre. For example, the city.ballet series we’ve been running doesn’t even show up in our feed. We just have to remember to check each week.

So if you want to be on DanceLand, you shouldn’t assume that we’re going to be able to keep up through your social media accounts. Social media doesn’t work that way anymore.

Any question or suggestions, please send to Clyde Smith: clyde(at)dance(dot)land

Press releases and video links: news(at)dance(dot)land



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