Grimes Teams With i_o For Violence Track, Music Video Choreographed By Natsuki Miya

Grimes & i_o – Violence

Here’s an excellent new music video for a great track, Violence, from Grimes who is working with producer i_o on this one. She’s featured her own production in the past and stated:

“I’ve produced five albums. I just want to make an album in a month that I just work with my favorite producers.”

Speaking of interesting moves, full credits are given at YouTube and they include the choreographer and dancers! Plus the “Nude Corpse”! Props for giving credit where credit is due.

Choreo!: Natsuki Miya!
Alyson Van
Charissa Kroeger
Isis Woodruff
Symone Holliday
Tina Jackson

Nude Corpse: Hana

In a slightly confusing note on Instagram, Grimes seems to be saying she either did the choreography or did some of the choreography. It would be cool to know more about that. I’ll update if I find out anything else. My guess is that Natsuki Miya did the group choreography and staging and then worked with Grimes on her dance performance which features Grimes’ moves. But that’s just a guess!

Collaborations throw off credit lists because true collaborations have messy boundaries and often produce the best work that can’t be clearly credited to one individual.

Whatever the details, it’s great to see some fresh work from Grimes and company!

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