Gimp Knee Parkour: Training While Injured With Ronnie Street Stunts

“Gimp Knee Parkour – Ronnie and Chris in Connecticut”

[Warning: One of the guys shows off some ripped open flesh part way through the video in case that’s an issue.]

Ronnie Street Stunts shares some examples of training with a leg injury at the Adaptive Movement Parkour gym in Connecticut.

It’s a very different look at training while injured compared to how we used to handle that as dancers.

A leg injury in dance usually puts people out of action. They see the physical therapist and maybe they do some Pilates or whatever they can come up with depending on the support they get from their studio or company.

Dancers are getting more support these days, especially in serious professional settings, but seeing this video makes me wonder if we should be creating better training environments for all dancers including the injured.


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