Gillette Venus Enlists Julianne Hough To Find Best Version Of New Dance The Swirl

[New York, NY] – You’ve been shaving for years and you still find yourself going out of your way to contort your body in an effort to get those hard-to-reach areas. Even with your best moves in the shower, you discover missed patches of hair at the most inopportune times. Now there’s a high-design razor that moves as much as you do. From the #1 selling female razor brand in the world, Gillette Venus introduces NEW Venus Swirl – the first and only razor with FLEXIBALL for multi-dimensional movement around all of women’s tricky areas.

Swirl is Venus’ most advanced razor technology, culminating from over five years of research and tested on over 7,000 legs! Unlike traditional razors that move only two ways, Venus Swirl with FLEXIBALL moves in multiple directions, navigating tricky areas and contouring significantly better on knees and ankles.

“For over 14 years, Venus has continued to innovate to bring women the next-generation shaving experience,” says Brenda Bynarowicz, North America Marketing Director for Shave Care. “Women want a smooth, effortless shave that takes the ‘leg work’ out of hair removal. To answer their needs, we developed the Venus Swirl razor and Venus Shave Gel Violet Swirl™ with Touch of Olay to transform the shaving experience.”

To showcase these new moves, Gillette Venus partnered with dancer, actress and artist Julianne Hough, known for having her own moves like no other. Together with global online dance community Dance On, Hough and Dance On will bring to life the movement of the razor by helping find the curator of a new dance move, the Swirl.

“Dance is how I got my start in the entertainment industry, so when Venus asked me to do this, I felt like it was a great opportunity to help aspiring dancers chase their dreams, continue to love what they do and have fun!” said Hough.

Hough and Dance On will guest judge as aspiring dancers compete to have their version of the Swirl become the brand’s signature dance move for the Venus Swirl razor. Just like the new Venus Swirl razor moves like no other to cover every unique curve and contour of a woman’s body for flawless skin, the Swirl dance move will be smooth and effortless. The winner will also get a starring role in a high exposure DanceOn video with celebrity dancer and choreographer Jasmine Meakin.

Gillette Venus recently launched the “Use Your And” campaign to inspire women and girls to stand-up against one-dimensional labels, encouraging them to #UseYourAnd and unleash the innate potential inside all women.


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