Fearless Parkour Girl: Devin Super Tramp, Calen Chan And Elise Bickley For Wix’s Up For Anything

Ep. 3 Fearless Parkour Girl | Up for Anything | Wix Web Series

DIY website service Wix reached out to video creator Devin Super Tramp for an episode of their Up For Anything promotional web series. Working with professional parkour athlete Calen Chan, who found up and comer Elise Bickley, he shot the above video featuring Elise and Calen in an airplane graveyard. It’s cool in a lot of ways including the fact that parkour is a male-dominated movement sport and it takes active promotion to change that imbalance in any arena where it occurs. True in the reverse as well as we all know in the world of dance!

Calen Chan – Red Bull Art of Motion 2017

Here’s more from Calen Chan in two competitive parkour runs from the Red Bull Art of Motion 2017 competition. A classic from a young master.

Wix offers free websites with premium upgrades. It’s one solution to every dancer’s need for a portfolio website. The above links to each individual’s name involved with this project lead to Wix-hosted websites.

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