EDM Artist Promotes Wellness With Free Music For Dance & Exercise Nonprofits

Josh Mottley Jump In The Sun CD Cover[Des Moines, IA] – For his November 18, 2014 CD release date, music composer and artist Josh Mottley has donated thousands of song downloads from his new Electronic Dance Music (EDM) CD, JOSH MOTTLEY – JUMP IN THE SUN, to non-profit dance, exercise and physical rehab groups across the USA.

In cooperation with Surfview Records and Surfview Publishing, Josh Mottley has also offered a free master and sync license to the same non-profits that need music to underscore the promotional footage used in their PSAs, websites and YouTube videos, Facebook Timeline movies and on shorter format content, like those for Instagram, Snapchat, Splash, Vine and Ocho.

Josh Mottley believes that his new music automatically draws people into exercise. By giving away music downloads and usage licenses to qualified fitness instructors and exercise non-profits, he will help promote exercise, which is vitally needed for the complete wellness of the public.

During 2014, Mottley composed, performed and engineered the 15 electronic dance songs, and coordinated the CD content and sequence using the input of two professional Arizona choreographers: Bethany Baumer and Jason Dalaly. The resulting CD of inertia-breaking house, electro, trance and pop electronic instrumental music was designed to take a person from toe-tapping to an energetic roller-coaster work-out.

Josh Mottley knows personally about the challenges of physical rehab, having recently bounced back from his own significant maladies, ones he presented in the Surfview Records 2013 CD release, JOSH MOTTLEY – COLOR OF YOUR EYES. That existential musical journey helped Mottley and others mentally come to grips with their own daunting physical adversities. Because of his good nature, never-give-up philosophy and inspiring message of hope, Mottley provides free peer counseling to patients with similar challenges – having received a personal request by staff to share his motivational techniques. Along with words of encouragement, Mottley donates his CDs to help those on their own recovery paths.

For the new JUMP IN THE SUN CD, Mottley has created instrumental electronica songs that he used to pull himself out of his own bed and into action. By sharing his new music with dance, exercise and physical rehab instructors, Mottley intends to extend his outreach wellness campaign to those who routinely help the public to find a favorite activity to get moving.

Josh Mottley is now up-and-about regularly. He enjoys his daily walks through the park, playing with his three dogs, being outside as much he can and taking photographs of nature. He is appreciating life on a physical level, in a way that he hasn’t felt for years.

Surfview Records released the new JOSH MOTTLEY – JUMP IN THE SUN CD on November 18, 2014. The CD and downloads will be available via Amazon, iTunes, CD Baby and through e-distribution music outlets around the world.


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