Dickinson College And Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet Create Ballet Certificate Program

Dancers 1 Courtesy Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet

Photo Courtesy Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet

(Carlisle, PA) – College-bound dancers seeking high-level ballet instruction coupled with a rigorous liberal-arts education can now take full-time ballet for academic credit thanks to a newly reimagined partnership between Dickinson College – a nationally recognized liberal arts college – and Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet (CPYB), the neighboring, internationally renowned preprofessional ballet school.

Students pursuing the Dickinson College Ballet Certificate Program with Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet earn college credit for each of four required ballet classes, making it easier to complete the certificate while pursuing degrees in any of Dickinson’s 34 majors.

Other certificate highlights include a mandatory ballet performance, giving students additional opportunities to appear on the concert stage; internship opportunities in performance, nonprofit management, marketing or stage tech; and scholarship opportunities for students who have previously participated in CPYB programs.

Dancers 3 Courtesy Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet

Photo Courtesy Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet

“Students are coming to Dickinson for a world-class education, and many are hoping to also continue on with their lifelong passion for ballet at a high level. Now, they don’t have to leave those dreams at the door and can continue to pursue dance at an incredibly prestigious institution,” said Dickinson President Margee M. Ensign.

Dickinson’s director of dance, Sarah Skaggs, says the new certificate program is “very distinctive,” adding, “It’s essentially a conservatory-style ballet program merged with a liberal-arts degree.”

The program also builds upon a longstanding partnership between Dickinson and CPYB that reaches back more than 30 years. Each summer, more than 300 dancers age 11-20 live on campus while attending CPYB’s intensive 5-Week Summer Ballet Program.

Dancers 2 Courtesy Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet

Photo Courtesy Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet

“The Ballet Certificate Program will extend the reach of our unparalleled training to students looking to pursue their passion,” said Nicholas Ade, CEO of Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet. “We are proud of our curriculum, which was developed by our late founder Marcia Dale Weary, and we know that it is truly best-in-class. We are thrilled for the opportunity to share that with the students of Dickinson College.”

About Dickinson College

Dickinson is a nationally recognized liberal-arts college chartered in 1783 in Carlisle, Pa. The highly selective college is home to 2,400 students from across the nation and around the world. Defining characteristics of a Dickinson education include a focus on global education – at home and abroad – and study of the environment and sustainability, which is integrated into the curriculum and the campus and exemplifies the college’s commitment to providing an education for the common good.

About Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet

Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet is a celebrated leader in the world of dance education. Embracing an attitude of lifelong learning more than 60 years ago, Founder Director Marcia Dale Weary envisioned a school where children would have the opportunity to receive exceptional ballet training. Today, CPYB is the nationally recognized school of classical ballet with an international reputation for training young men and women.

The school’s renowned teaching methodology couples performance opportunities with innovative educational initiatives, an esteemed faculty, and a proven syllabus — all in an environment that promotes the acquisition of the life skills crucial to a child’s development. As a nonprofit arts education organization, CPYB provides access to world-class ballet training through the support of generous donors.

Thousands of young people have passed through Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet’s acclaimed studios. CPYB alumni continually occupy top positions in the leading ballet companies from San Francisco and Miami to Boston, London and beyond. Through the organization’s threefold mission – to inspire, educate and enrich – the legacy of Marcia Dale Weary and Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet redefines the art form, preserves its history and shapes its future.

Press Release Via: Dickinson College


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