DanceWear News Roundup: Elevé Dancewear, Saratoga Dance, Etc., Donate2Dance, Just For Kix

Elevé Dancewear: Design your own dance wear!

The Leotard Queen: The dance world’s secret workout weapon is poised to go mainstream
The NY Times
This business history of Elevé Dancewear, created by Lisa Choules, doesn’t address the headline’s subtitle but DanceLand agrees that dancewear does have the potential to go mainstream just as yogawear has done. In any case, great business success story!

Dance Retailer Spotlight: Can’t Find the Perfect Product to Stock? Make It!
Dance Business Weekly
Leslie Roy-Heck’s Saratoga Dance, Etc., a “full-service dance retailer,” is not just a dance store but is also a testing ground for new products. This in-depth profile tells her story.

Teen Dancers Create Nonprofit That Donates Dance Clothes to Dancers Around the World
While secondhand dancewear may have its limits, there are a lot of lucky dancers who have more usable dancewear than they need. Donate2Dance was created to help those that don’t. Nice work!

Just For Kix: Laced Back Urban Hip Hop Sneaker

Inside Ali (Clough) Geraets’ Newest Hip-Hop Line for Just For Kix
Dance Spirit
Having the right footwear for a particular dance form is crucial and hip hop dance is no exception. Ali (Clough) Geraets and Xue Li created a hip hop dance combat boot and it was such a success that Geraets went on to develop hip hop lines for Just For Kix.

Showcase dancewear and fancy dress closing down in Cheltenham
From across the pond comes news that Showcase, a dancewear and costume shop in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England is shutting down after 30 years to fund the owners’ retirement. Expect a big sale in February 2020.

Austin mainstay Movin’ Easy continues going strong after 38 years
Community Impact Newspaper
Back in the States, Austin’s Movin’ Easy remains a mainstay for the local dance community after 30 years in business. Tim Hurst opened the shop in 1981 and says that a staff with high expertise is part of its secrets to success.

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