Update: DanceLand on Working Vacation

Working Sessions: Work in Progress with Jeb Bishop and Clyde F. Smith (Video Still by Neal Hutcheson)

For the next week there will be limited posting on DanceLand. But the relaunch is going very well. The mix of dance videos and dance business news feels right and the dance studio directory is close to being ready to accept listings.

As some of you know, I’m the only person currently working on DanceLand. I being Clyde F. Smith, the founder and chief bottle washer. I don’t know if younger people will get that last reference but, thankfully, there’s always Google to help translate speech from the old days!

I actually don’t get a vacation until the end of the year. I work full-time and have multiple side projects in progress. DanceLand is the big one but I’m also working on my first screenplay and am between a half and two thirds done with that. I have decided to apply for the Impact program and the final deadline is next Friday. So I’m focused on finishing the rough draft of the script and I have a lot to do!

Once I’m back, I hope to resolve a couple of tech/design issues with the directory and then open it up for dance studios in the U.S. Basic listings will be free for the life of the project with premium options to follow after launch. I think it will be a very cool thing but spreading the word and getting folks involved will be a lot of work.

I’m excited about all of the above and look forward to whatever comes next. Feel free to be in touch any old time and, if you have news, go ahead and send it. I will be prioritizing direct submissions till my full return.


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