DanceLand In Transition: Keep Calm, Expect Chaos

expect-delays-tom-woodwardI’m getting ready to shift a few technical, backend, annoying, hard to figure out details that will change some things at DanceLand. However, I’m learning all this as I go and there are a couple of things I’m about to do that may screw up some stuff temporarily.

1) – Switching DNS. The folks that serve our basic domain info when you click on a link to our site or type in the domain have been a little slow. We’re switching to another provider and hopefully that will go smoothly. If not, see above headline!

2) – Adding a CDN. That’s a content delivery network and it’s designed to deliver pics and other such things more quickly to folks around the world. Let’s hope it does because the third thing could slow the site down.

3) – Going to SSL. We’re getting ready to open things up for log-ins when we launch our events calendar. By that point we want the site to be as secure as possible for all our visitors including those on mobile. So soon all our pages will start with https:// instead of http://. That little “s” tells you the site is secure and not displaying your secret info, for example, while you’re surfing on wifi at the local cafe.

Hopefully this will all be in place by the end of next week and we’ll be ready to start taking DanceLand to the next level beginning with an events calendar open to listing all dance performances and related events for free.

And that’s just the beginning!

[Thumbnail image courtesy Tom Woodward.]

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