DanceLand Staggers Back Into Action

high-risk-groupNo, today was not the glorious return of which I dreamed. In fact, DanceLand will not be fully back into action until next week.

Here’s what happening:

Dance News will be posted regularly as we receive it. Previously we held press releases till closer to events to create more of a sense of news about to happen but that led to various issues so we’re taking that off the table.

We will be posting as many legitimate press releases, plus a pic or video, as we possibly can.

Dance Videos will be a bit more random and scattered at first though with an emphasis on balancing out the predominately white, ballet/contemporary dominance in the news section.

There’s more but I’ve got to rush off to work. I will return to action Thursday morning.

Please send press releases, pics and videos to: news(at)

Discussion, concerns, proposals? Write me at clyde(at)

Forward Ever, Backward Never!

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