DanceLand Retreats In Preparation For Inevitable Glorious Relaunch

high-riskYes, DanceLand is now on hold as we prepare for a glorious relaunch. Honestly when we relaunch it will simply be the next phase of activity needed to continue growing the site but my current job for a company which will remain unnamed has exhausted the personal resources required for the crucial daily DanceLand grind.

If you’ve been sending news to DanceLand, please don’t stop sending it. When we are about to return, gloriously, folks on our DanceLand Pro email list will be first to know followed by those sending news who aren’t on the list.

The most likely scenario would separate dance videos and news with DanceLand curating videos and those with dance news posting directly to the site. Other wonderful things will surely follow.

I’ll be reaching out to DanceLand Pro mailing list members to see if that’s truly of interest so do sign up if you want to influence DanceLand’s future.

Unfortunately it may be a while before our relaunch but sometimes we have to wait for truly glorious things. If you have questions, suggestions or sympathetic thoughts, please send them to me at:

Got dance news? Start sending it to DanceLand now and avoid the rush:

Till then, I’ll be thinking of you fondly!

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