DanceLand Disrupted By Reality, Here’s What’s Happening

high-risk-groupI’m Clyde Smith, DanceLand’s Founder and Chief Bottle Washer, here to fill you in on why DanceLand has been such an especially erratic affair of late. The short version is that I’ve started a new job and, for at least another week or two, will be a bit overwhelmed by helping the company launch at a new location.

I’m currently the only one posting at DanceLand and ran out of steam by midweek. This coming week will be at least as difficult so DanceLand will be a bit quiet till I’m on a regular schedule.

Combine that with the fact that I often post news items from dance companies and presenters fairly close to the actual date of upcoming events and you’ll understand why some news items were squeezed in at the last minute over the weekend.

Given that I had also just contacted over 500 dance companies and organizations, encouraging them to send their news and video links, this state of affairs is clearly not ideal. Especially since news submissions are increasing.

Here’s what to expect once the next week or two are out of the way:

Earlier posting of news items to avoid last minute surprise time crunches.

A more consistent daily mix of video and news items from across dance genres.

More selective editorial choices regarding which news items to include with an emphasis on singular events, premieres and special occasions.

I intend to launch a Dance Events Calendar next so that events that don’t get posted as news items do have a presence at DanceLand. An events calendar should also allow us to serve a wider range of groups and organizations.

So in a couple of weeks I will be able to assess more fully what we can do together moving forward.

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