Getting Your Dance News Covered At DanceLand

Dance Photo by Georgia de Lotz on Unsplash
Photo by Georgia de Lotz on Unsplash

I need to share some information and guidelines for getting your dance news covered at DanceLand. What we’re doing is a bit quirky and doesn’t follow the parameters of other dance websites though it does include elements that others have long pursued.

Currently DanceLand’s news sections focus on Business, Education and Videos. Typically we don’t cover announcements of upcoming performances. To be honest, such announcements do not attract much attention and would be better served by local/regional sites and events calendars. We do hope to add an events calendar focused on performances at a future date when we can fully support the work required to do it well.

However, if you have a performance announcement in the form of a press release or other pre-written news combined with relevant videos then that may be included in our Dance Videos section. Just so you know, we generally don’t like to run trailers featuring quick glimpses of dances in the Videos section. We primarily wish to run videos that include enough of a dance to be an experience on its own. So let us know if you have such videos and we may well run your performance announcement.

In general, we would like to do more original coverage but due to our currently limited resources we focus on running press releases across DanceLand categories. However, they also need to have visual assets. Photos are fine for Business and Education but the Videos section does require videos.

Dance Videos: This section has gone through some changes and feels a bit unfocused. We’ve sometimes included all posts running on the site that have videos but we want it to be more about posts with videos that are enjoyable on their own terms regardless of their relationship to the news. However, that can include a broad range of videos and sometimes we’re happy to include something that’s lower quality but unique in its documentation. Currently this does need to include pre-written material though not necessarily a press release.

Dance Business: We’re looking for business news in a broad sense from career moves to funding to major new initiatives to new venues and so forth. Check the category for the range but keep in mind we’ll need more than one photo to run your announcement or press release. A combination of photos and videos or all videos works as well.

Dance Education: We decided to add dance education because we were getting enough news to justify making it a category and so we could go beyond what would be included in the Business and Videos categories. In addition, many of our future efforts will be related to dance education from dance studios to university programs though that may take a while to emerge. Again, this category requires pre-written material plus multiple photos and/or videos.

Pre-Written Material: Currently you’re mostly seeing press releases on DanceLand. As stated, we’d like to do more original coverage but that’s a future goal. However, we can accept more personal accounts, previously published articles and other written material along with visual assets. If it’s written and communicates honestly then we’d love to see it!

DanceLand is no longer actively publishing dance news. However, we are accepting limited guest posts. Contact:

We want to see you on DanceLand!

Clyde F. Smith

DanceLand founder Clyde F. Smith has a PhD in Cultural Studies from OSU and performs improvisational dance in Working Sessions.