Dance Theater Company Zerogrammi Shares Glimpses Of Their Work

Alcesti by Zerogrammi

Zerogrammi is an Italian dance theater company whose work reminds me that I need to see more European companies. I’ve really enjoyed the dance theater I’ve seen over the years and the glimpses I’m getting from their videos make me want to see more.

From a description of Zerogrammi’s work previously available on Vimeo:

“Since its foundation in 2006, Stefano Mazzotta and Emanuele Sciannamea are the choreographers of the company. Their creations are results of international collaborations and multidisciplinary researches that use photography and videos as tools for analysis and documentation, with the aim of transforming the creative process in a moment of experience sharing and language experimentation.”

“Choreographic residencies, training programs, video and photographic projects are the artistic elements that become pages of a journey diary, where the stage performance is only a stop-over.”


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